A truck convoy seeking the return of freedom draws hope and supports Amas


Now is our winter of discontent
The sun in this yoke created a brilliant summer

The opening line of Shakespeare’s “Richard III” represents the malicious intent of the Duke of Gloucester, a twisted opportunist of the House of York, to deceive and betray his brother’s son and legitimate heirs. Richard is one of Shakespeare’s blackest villains.

As I write, in the harsh winter conditions of Canada, a 70-kilometer convoy is coming down to Ottawa from Canada and across the United States. It has been running mercilessly for days. The igniter of this great fire is the latest mission of the Government of Canada, and truck drivers will be doubly backed to be allowed across the Canadian-US border.

Safety is, as always, an excuse.However, the case fatality rate of Omicron is Less than seasonal fluAnd because boosters can’t stop infections and infections of the latest variants, the government is more enthusiastic about science and less enthusiastic about Scientism.

In those countries, it may mark the beginning of a return to the culture of freedom and science. In Canada, it’s still not very progressive.

We are still in a scientific dictatorship.

Therefore, we are in the midst of a dissatisfied winter.

Canadians are not easily provoked on the street. We will not protest outside in January without being badly tested and pushed to the limit. It seems that you have reached that point.

The most basic condition for science to work is not only the ability to publish the truth, but also As Karl Popper correctly pointed out,also publicly Counterfeit Scientific theory. Falsification is a type of objection. If the theory is also public policy, it cannot be achieved in an emergency. Emergency situations require action and public consent. Mandates are a direct result of governments with urgent authority, and extended mandates arise directly from governments that are a little too fond of their authority.

How much? Will it be a complete destruction of freedom and science?

There is no control group for the true effect of experimental mRNA shots, except for witnesses and those who do not comply with their obligations. And the government seems to have promised to forcibly eliminate the control group. It considers them political opponents, villains.

It goes against both logic and science, but it is consistent with the authoritarian character of Scientism. To stay “scientific”, create a consensus in the open until there are no objections.

And that led to an increasingly unstable and derogatory public declaration by our politicians and the medical bureaucrats behind them. They fired important unvaccinated health workers and caused a health crisis, and they are now truck drivers, whether or not they are vaccinated, “fringe groups,” “radicals,” and ” Even “terrorists”. The convoy suggests that there are many of them.

The irony of this situation should not be lost.

Mandate is not useful for public science.
Duty does not help public health.
Obligations do not serve the public interest.
The mission is useless to the public will.

What are they offering then?

“Science” carries a lot of water for Canada’s special interests.

who are they?

For the past two years, politicians Green New Deal Transforming the economy under the siege, public promotions sponsored by Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and others have worked with them, Select new transactionsThe scientific condition, like the free condition, is placed in the interrupted animation.

Ironically, politics has hampered science. At that point, politics and science stepped into its “top doctor” white lab coat, and the public square was replaced by a private screen.

This is true all over the world. But unlike our American cousins, who have a well-established culture of dissent, established obedience to Canadian authority, logical errors proved to be more politically dangerous and authoritarian. It reveals itself as an appeal to others. Hopelessness creeps in and there is hope for redemption.

Nobel Prize-winning author John Steinbeck wrote in the novel “Winter of Discontent”:

When a condition or problem grows too large, humans are protected from thinking about it. But it turns inward and chops many other things that are already there. What comes out is frustration and anxiety, guilt, and the urge to get something before everything is gone.

This is the real cause of the convoy and seems to be the immense popularity of protests. This is not a protest against a single mission. It is a larger and more desperate protest against opportunistic and deceptive dictatorship, which over-believes in the right to rule with impunity. It is clear that there is no exit plan for what they call “new normal.”

Pandemic Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared that he would enter quarantine for five days upon arrival of the convoy after malicious intent on the convoy, with negative results. In the COVID test. You understand, just to keep others safe.

But the convoy has more than despair. There is hope for those who have been marginalized and deprived of their rights by the government. It echoes Shakespeare and Steinbeck, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said in his famous speech, “I have a dream.”

This sultry summer of Negro’s legitimate dissatisfaction is only until the exhilarating fall of freedom and equality.

The state of emergency must be revoked.

Spring is approaching.

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Scott masson


Scott Masson is an intellectual and associate professor of English literature. For more information on Masson, please visit ScottMasson.ca and YouTube.com/c/DrScottMasson.