A truck convoy that stays in Ottawa until the demands are met, says the organizer

Some organizers of the Freedom Convoy 2022 have blamed all forms of violence and intimidation, calling on all demonstrators to stay calm and peaceful, but say they will not leave Ottawa until their demands are met.

“We do not come here to cause offensive or hateful or violent,” protest organizer Tamara Lich told The Epoch Times as she passed Sudbury, Ontario on her way to Ottawa. Told. “We will stay there as long as it takes. We will not leave until Canada is released.”

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Supporters of the truck convoy protesting the restrictions and obligations of COVID-19 will meet on June 28, 2022 on the Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa. (Jonathan Ren / Epoch Times)

The move began on January 15 after the Trudeau government introduced vaccination obligations for cross-border truck drivers between the United States and Canada.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau dismissed the group on January 26, claiming it was a “small fringe minority” with an “unacceptable view” and did not reflect the majority of Canadians.

But like Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk, who collected more than 400,000 likes from the January 28 tweet “Canada Truck Driver Dominates” Tweet “Canada Truck Driver Dominates” The protest has been recognized worldwide since then, with the support of others. Other celebrities such as Russell Brand, Joe Rogan and Evangeline Lilly have also praised Canadian truck drivers for their freedom.

Dana Metcalf, a truck driver from Newfoundland and the organizer of the eastern convoy, said truck drivers will also come from the United States.

“We are also calling on all Canadians to regain our country without a vaccine passport and all COVID obligations in our country,” she said while driving Quebec. I said on my mobile phone.

On January 26, Ottawa police said they were preparing for the arrival of 1,000 to 2,000 demonstrators. According to the organizers, the number of participants is much higher than the numbers quoted by the police.

Ottawa Police Chief Peter Sloly I told reporters January 28, “This weekend’s demo will be unique, fluid, risky and important.”

Police said they were preparing for a variety of scenarios, including the possibility of violence. Ottawa residents and visitors can expect large police and paramedics in the heart of downtown, they added.

Police are working closely with the organizers of the main convoys that promised peace in the demonstrations, Slowley said. But he added that there were various online threats of violence, locally, domestically, and internationally.

“We don’t know of all the parallel demonstrations that can occur, or the lone wolf individuals who could insert themselves into the mix for a variety of reasons,” Sloly said.

Rich says it’s a shame that the Canadian media is focusing on a few villains who are trapped in what she calls a larger peaceful protest.

“I’m traveling together [people who] I have the greatest heart I have ever seen, “she said. “These are Canadian blue-collar workers, tired of being split and torn.”

According to Rich, truck drivers are nationally supported by all ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds, from First Nations bands to Hutterites, Sikhs to Catholic nuns.

“This story and this rhetoric that has been forced on us in an attempt to divide us by culture, geography, race, all these different factions is not just true,” she said.

According to Rich, the organizers will meet when they all arrive in Ottawa to engage with federal politicians and devise strategies to seek to meet their demands.

Of the group GoFundMe Campaign Raised over $ 7.6 million as of the night of January 28th.

GoFundMe temporarily suspends withdrawal of funds until a review of the method of distributing funds is made.

However, the organizers said in a statement on the GoFundMe page that the crowdfunding platform has released the first batch of $ 1 million. It is used to support the driver with fuel, food and accommodation costs.

Hotels in Ottawa say they see a flood of people booking rooms as the convoy arrives in the city.

Nuaradinardo, General Manager of Hampton Inn in Ottawa, said: “Thanks to the protests, we are definitely seeing a surge in occupancy.”

Epoch Times Photo
Supporters of the truck convoy protesting the restrictions and obligations of COVID-19 will meet on June 28, 2022 on the Parliamentary Hill in Ottawa. (Jonathan Ren / Epoch Times)

Dinaldo added that business expansion has been a rare positive for hotels over the last two years.

“Look, our industry is also seriously affected by this pandemic.”

The industry is already addressing the driver shortage, the country is facing supply chain turmoil, 30-year high inflation rate..

According to a post on the website, the federal vaccine obligations for truck drivers could result in the loss of 12,000 to 16,000 cross-border commercial drivers. Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA).

Rich says the protest groups have enough money to camp out in Ottawa until their demands are met. She wants them not to stay long, but she says the protesters are sticking to meeting their demands.

“Everyone in our group understands how important this is and that we have one chance to do what we need to do to free Canada,” Lich said. I am.

and statementThe group listed four requests:

“1) The Federal and State Governments will terminate the Vaccine Passport and all other mandatory Vaccine Contact Tracing Programs or the Canadian Immigration Passport System.

“2) We will end the obligation of COVID vaccine and respect the rights of those who wish not to be vaccinated.

“3) Stop the split rhetoric of attacking Canadians who disagree with government orders.

4) Stop restricting discussions by compulsory measures aimed at discontinuing people with various or false opinions. “

Jared Gnam


Jared Gnam is a Vancouver-based reporter.