A Trump organization executive trying to turn over the prosecutor testifies about a grand jury investigation into the company


Donald Trump New York

Former US President Donald Trump will arrive at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, New York City on August 22, 2021. James Devaney / GC Images

  • Matthew Calamari Jr. will testify to the grand jury in a Trump Organization investigation.

  • A DA prosecutor in Manhattan is seeking the help of company executives.

  • Prosecutors are still talking about his father, the COO of the Trump Organization, Matthew Calamari.

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Matthew Calamari Jr., director of security for The Trump Organization and son of the company’s chief operating officer, will testify before a grand jury this week as part of the company’s financial investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney. ..

Calamari Jr. was subpoenaed for his testimony, his lawyer told insiders. The prosecutor has long been Calamari Jr.When His father, Matthew Calamari, Has worked for the Trump Organization for decades. NS First reported by The Wall Street Journal About subpoena.

“I won’t comment on the details, but if any of the clients are summoned to testify in front of a grand jury, they will have to do so and will appear honestly to testify,” said both Calamaris. Says Nicholas Gravante. I told the insider. “As I have said repeatedly, they are not doing anything wrong and have nothing to hide.”

Jeffrey McConnie, controller of The Trump Organization, It is also expected to testify in front of the grand jury this week, According to the journal..

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office Trump Organization Financial Survey Since 2019. In July, it’s Brought tax-related charges To the former president’s company and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisserberg. Weisselberg and Trump’s lawyers have pleaded not guilty to the indictment.

journal Reported in August That McConnie Anonymous unindicted conspirators in indictment.. According to the journal, McConnie had already testified before the July indictment and was responsible for preparing Elder Matthew Calamari’s personal tax return.

According to grand jury rules, Calamari Jr. Allows you to: Immunize with probe to testify And it shows that the prosecutor will not prosecute him.

The prosecutor Under investigation reportedly Whether Matthew Calamari or Matthew Calamari Junior did not pay the appropriate taxes on the profits of companies such as apartments and cars. Gravante told insiders that he was in continuous discussion with the prosecutor about Elder Calamari’s taxes.

“The tax treatment of his apartment and car was 100% justified because both were absolutely necessary for his work,” he told insiders in a previous statement. “I don’t know how a person who acts in good faith could prosecute him for a crime. He worked 24/7 in collaboration with law enforcement agencies. He is a model citizen. is.”

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