A Ukrainian drone operator feared he was being chased by a film crew and that his life could die “at any moment.” He was killed the day before the documentary aired.


Evgeny “Dodge” Markarov in eastern Ukraine.UVDA

  • An Israeli documentary followed Ukrainian drone operator Evgeny “Dodge” Markarov in Donbass.

  • A day before the broadcast, the team received a call that Markarov had been killed.

  • He was philosophical about death in the film, thinking that his life could end “at any time.”

For days, an Israeli documentary team slept, ate, and lived with Ukrainian drone operator Evgeny “Dodge” Markarov, who is trying to protect his country from a Russian attack.

The 39-year-old’s footage formed a core part of a powerful documentary that aired on Israeli television last week, showing life on the front lines in eastern Ukraine’s Donbass region.

But the day before it aired, the filmmakers received a painful phone call.

Ukrainian sources relayed news that Markarov was killed in a Russian shelling.

“He was killed the day before it went on air,” Itay Anghel, a veteran war correspondent for UVDA, Israel’s leading current affairs TV program, said in an emotional conversation with Insider.

“It’s hard because we don’t have time to grieve,” Angel continued, adding that the team had to temporarily put their emotions aside and work quickly on editing the new version of the film the next day.


Evgeny “Dodge” Markarov in the Ukrainian trenches.UVDA

“When will this life end?”

Markarov, who once worked as a sound technician for a rock band, resembled many young Ukrainians who rushed to defend their country after Russia invaded last February, risking their lives in the process. .

Estimated 100,000 Ukrainiansmany of whom had never picked up a weapon until last year and were killed or wounded during the fighting.

Markarov, who received the Ukrainian military award for his achievements, had a wife and a young daughter. He was described by Angel as down-to-earth, easy to talk to, and often bright.

However, Anghel said Markarov also long ago agreed with the fact that he could die in battle.

One of the most poignant things about his death was the ominous statement he made to the filmmakers.

Markarov said in the film, “When can this life end, when can everything end. But maybe in that moment I think I know everything about life.”

Ángel said the answer was typical of a soldier he knew well since being incorporated into the unit last November. tretskat the time, was at the epicenter of fighting in the region.

“He was always kind of a philosopher,” Markarov’s Anghel said, adding that he regretted asking Markarov a leading question.

“Weirdly enough, I almost blame myself for asking for it,” said Ángel. You think about everything when you hear it.


Evgeny “Dodge” Markarov receives the Ukrainian military award.UVDA

In fact, when a journalist offered to send him footage of the documentary when it was released, Malakoff gave both his cell phone number and several additional numbers belonging to relatives.

“He said, ‘I may not be here. People are dying all over the place and six of my best friends have been killed. So give me the phone number of my father or my mother or my wife.'” Angel remembered.

Markarov was one of four members of the 5th Separate Assault Regiment killed last Wednesday. Insiders were unable to confirm how many soldiers in the regiment have died since the war began.

Ángel said the UVDA team is re-editing the documentary in time for broadcast, adding a “memorial” section to Markarov and creating an edit dedicated to his family.

“Comfort [to know] He will have a legacy,” Angel said.

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