A veteran of the U.S. Navy in Asia knocks out in an attack on LA Koreatown and urges prosecution if the perpetrator is arrested

Next Shark learned that a veteran of the U.S. Navy in Asia, who lost consciousness after being sucked in Koreatown, Los Angeles on Tuesday, would be accused if his perpetrator was caught.

The 32-year-old victim, who asked to be identified as Leo, was playing on the phone at around 1:45 pm while waiting for a bus near Wilshire Boulevard and Chipotle on Vermont Avenue. -I hit me, “he recalled in an Instagram post.

The security footage seen by NextShark shows the moment the perpetrator attacked Leo. Leo immediately hit his back against the ground. Bystanders can be seen intervening and helping to get up.

“I fell behind my head and lost consciousness,” Leo wrote. “I would have counterattacked with all my heart and soul.”

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Leo suffered an abrasion on his face and shoulders and a major contusion on the back of his head. Rescuers arrived a few minutes later and took him to the emergency room.

Leo told Next Shark that he had no memory of the incident until he got the footage from the front desk of a nearby apartment. It was the first time he had lost consciousness.

A veteran already suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety does not yet have information about his perpetrators. But when asked if he intends to sue, Leo replied, “If he was caught.”

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Despite his unfortunate experience, Leo, a Taiwanese-American, says people should not be consumed by anger.

“I know the video footage is abominable and unsolicited by the perpetrators, but don’t let our anger bite us,” he told Next Shark. “We can be strong, cautious and attentive, but make sure that resentment does not occupy your time and space anymore.

“I wouldn’t have recovered as fast as I had recovered from a timid knockdown if I was safe and already nervous.”

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