A video hundreds of miles from Kabul shows the sea of ​​people desperately flooding the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan to flee the country.

Pakistan Afghanistan Border Refugees
Afghanistan and Pakistani citizens will meet to cross Afghanistan at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border intersection on August 21, 2021 after the Taliban’s spectacular takeover of Afghanistan. Stringer / AFP via Getty Images
  • Thousands of people flooded the border crossings that separate Afghanistan and Pakistan.

  • However, the Pakistani government has deployed troops to keep Afghan refugees out.

  • Pakistan said in July that it would no longer accept Afghan refugees.

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video It shows the sea of ​​thousands of people desperately gathering near a border crossing in southwestern Pakistan to flee Afghanistan.

Afghanistan and Pakistan Share the 1,640 mile frontier, And one of the two important intersections is in Spinboldak, a border town near the Pakistani city of Chaman. People were seen flooding the area this week trying to cross Pakistan, but how many of these people are Pakistanis trying to get home and how many are among Afghan refugees. It is unclear if he wants to do that.

Another border crossing between Afghanistan and Pakistan is 580 miles from Chaman. Torkham, Off the coast of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in northwestern Pakistan. The whole land that divides the two countries Pakistan Frontier Constable, A militia under the control of the Pakistani government.

Crossing the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan in Spinboldak was fully resumed on 21 August. Reuters, After Afghanistan was closed for a week Kabul’s capital Fallen into the Taliban extremists August 15. Trucks containing merchandise can now cross national borders After the Pakistani government has negotiated twice with the Taliban.

However, the functioning of the Spinboldak border does not mean that Pakistan is planning to embrace a new wave of Afghan refugees.

according to Nikkei AsiaPakistan will need to spend $ 2.2 billion over the next three years to build camps to accommodate internally displaced persons.This will hurt Pakistan’s economy, especially after Pakistan Gross domestic product (GDP) hits a six-year low in 2020..

Pakistan’s National Security Adviser Moeed Yusuf told the media VOA news In an interview on 13 July, Pakistan said it would not accept any more refugees from Afghanistan.

“We are happy to help, but this time we are not in a position to accept new refugees. The International Army and the United Nations should make arrangements for them in Afghanistan,” Yusuf told VOA News, the United Nations said. It should be established. ” A camp for refugees on the Afghan side of the border. “

Its position does not seem to have changed. Pakistan on July 24th Deploy paramilitaries to prevent illegal border crossings Similarly by Afghan refugees and Taliban fighters.

However, Pakistan reported last week that it allowed thousands of Afghans to cross the border between Spinboldak and Chaman as long as they carried documents certifying that they were already registered Afghan refugees residing in Pakistan. bottom. Al Jazeera..

The Pakistani government did not immediately respond to requests for comment from insiders on how it plans to manage the current situation at the border between Spin Boldak and Chaman.

In Pakistan History of acceptance of Afghan refugees that It dates back to 1979. of 2001, Pakistan had more than 4 million Afghan refugees.

Many of these refugees Probably returned to Afghanistan In the last 20 years United Nations Pakistan is now It accepts more than 1.4 million registered Afghan refugees. Pakistani officials Taking into account about 1.5 million undocumented migrants, we estimate a much higher aggregate of 3 million Afghan refugees.

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