A video show where an airplane takes off from the road after the parade hits a Texas highway

The video captured that moment The plane crashed After a weekend parade in a small town in southeastern Texas, I set out on a busy highway.

In a video shared by the Chambers County Sheriff’s Office, Small yellow airplane You can see it coasting low and slowly overhead before cutting out the streetlights, tearing the stoplights and hitting the pavement before turning over-all in 7 seconds of space-bystanders and traffic people watching. increase.

“What a hell,” shouts a woman.

Not long ago, the plane Used as a parade float Police told the outlets at the annual Rice Festival in Winnie, Texas. After the parade was over, the pilot tried to take off from the roadway instead of pulling the plane to the local airport.

According to the sheriff’s office, no one was seriously injured in spite of the dust and debris splashing in the crash.

“Thanks to the quick response of first responders and CSI towings,” said CCSO.

Investigator said Strong wind KPRC reported that it contributed to the crash.

According to a Texas police officer, a driver who “did not want to get a ticket” rushed in and killed three attendants.

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