A violent south storm left at least three dead and thousands lost in Florida

A violent storm struck the South over the weekend, killing at least three people, damaging buildings and powering out thousands.

Strong winds, tornadoes, and isolated hail were expected from southern Florida to Sunday night. Storm Forecast Center Forecast. The storm is expected to subside overnight.

A 17-year-old girl died on Sunday after stepping on a power line during a storm that struck central Florida.

Most of the tornado warnings in Florida expired on Sunday. The day ended the worst weekend storm that brought heavy rains, strong winds, hail and thunder to large parts of the state. Up to 2 inches of rain was reported in some areas, causing street floods.

In Florida, as of Sunday night, nearly 80,000 people had lost power. poweroutage.us, There was serious damage in Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana and Mississippi.

Saturday, One was killed Seven people were injured after at least one tornado broke out in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana. Separately, in Shreveport, Louisiana, a 48-year-old man was killed when a tree fell into a mobile home in a strong wind, said Sheriff Steve Prator of Cado.

In a statement, President Jesse Verard of the Parish of St. Laundry said, “My thoughts and prayers are directed at the families affected by this storm. We will do our best to help those families. I’m doing it. “

Mr. Bellard, who was assisting the investigators on the scene, said the damage was enormous.

“It’s really incredible. To understand what happened here, you really need to look at it. Some homes have been moved from their foundations, and others Their roofs were pulled apart. A house was moved and completely placed on the road, “Bellad said.

Bad weather, tornadoAt least two people were killed and multiple injured in Louisiana

In Mount Dora, Florida, a house broke out after a lightning strike and was severely damaged. Orlando Sentinel report. Several areas near Orlando have reported golf ball-sized hail.

In Lakeland, Florida, the hotel roof was damaged when it was partially peeled off by a strong wind. The outdoor COVID-19 vaccination and testing event in Orange County has been cancelled.

At Panama City Beach, Florida, homes and convenience stores have been leveled by the possibility of a tornado, city officials said in a Facebook post.Resident’s photo Indicates that the roof and walls of the store have been stripped off However, the counters, shelves, and store items seemed untouched. There were no immediate reports of injuries.

And a storm in Pensacola, Florida Torn the roof of a craft beer brewery, Infiltrate the building with flood damage.

Emerald Republic Brewing co-owner Veronic Zayas needs to wake up on Saturday morning with phone calls and text messages from friends and community members to see the building with the craft beer company. He said there was.

“We are still learning exactly what the damage is and what is happening,” Zayasu said on Saturday. “But the roof is known to be totally damaged. There is flood damage throughout and many equipment is damaged.”

Zayasu said none of her employees were injured when the storm passed overhead.

“The brewer is usually here at 5 or 6 am and starts brewing,” she said. “Fortunately, when this happened, there was no one here today and no one was injured.”

Zayas talked to many community members and neighbors who stopped by to provide support. As of Saturday, she expected the Emerald Republic Brewing to remain closed for at least a few months.

Contributions: Colin Warren-Hicks, Pensacola News Journal; Tony Mixon, The News-Herald; Ashley White, Daily Advertiser; Bobby Aldoin, Special to The Daily World. Associated Press

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