A viral video ignites an investigation when a black teen is pinned and arrested in a New Jersey mall and a white teen sits on the couch and fights against him.

Stitched screenshots of a video recording the battle between black and white teens at Bridgewater Commons Mall in New Jersey

The video has become viral, with two police officers breaking up the fight and appearing to treat blacks (white hoodies on the ground) and white teenagers (black hoodies) in completely different ways.Carina Stevens

  • A viral video of the New Jersey Mall battle between two teens caused anger.

  • Police officers who disbanded the battle were filmed while a white teenager was pinning and handcuffing a black teenager while sitting on a nearby sofa.

  • An investigation into the behavior of police officers has begun.

A video of a police officer disbanding a fight at a mall in New Jersey is angry at charges that law enforcement agencies treated two teenagers (one black and one white) who were involved in the conflict very differently. Caused.

and Viral video recording the battle A teenager is filmed verbally discussing at Bridgewater Commons Mall in Bridgewater Township, NJ.

“Take your hands off my face,” says a black teen.

After that, they start pushing each other and a physical battle breaks out. Black teens are thrown to the floor by white teens during the battle. After that, two police officers (one male and one female) arrive.

A policewoman pushed a white teen into a nearby sofa and moved to stay there. At the same time, a male policeman stabs a black teen into the floor, sits on him and handcuffs him, and a female policeman immediately kneels her back and knocks him to the ground.

“That’s why he’s black. It’s racially motivated,” witnesses can hear in the background of the video.

White teens can be seen standing on top of black teens while policemen handcuff black teens. At the end of the video, the black teen is brought to his feet and the white teen sits on the couch again.

according to Local ABC affiliate ABC7The battle involved a black eighth grader identified only as Kye and a white high school student whose name has not yet been announced.

“They basically stabbed me into the ground, then a male policeman put his knees on my back, and then he started putting me in his cuffs,” Kay told ABC7.Going back and started helping him put my cuffs on me [the other teen] I was just sitting on the couch and looking at the whole thing. “

Kay’s mother, Ebone, told ABC 7 that her son was okay, but thanked him for wanting to dismiss the two police officers.

“I had to look at it muted. I haven’t seen it yet and heard the sound. I took the baby’s step to see it, but it’s just crazy.” She said.

“You don’t need two cops to hold down a 14-year-old boy who isn’t resisting, but the other boy is just free and takes his son. That doesn’t make sense,” Ebone said. .. NBC In an interview on Tuesday.

However, investigation into this case has begun. letter From Mayor Matthew Menchi of Bridgewater Township on Wednesday.

“The Township administration knows the videos on social media that involve young people and executives at the Bridgewater Police Department,” Menchi wrote. support.

“The investigation still collects facts about the case, but I’m deeply worried about what appears to be racially different treatments in this video,” wrote New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy. .. Tweet on Wednesday. “We are committed to building trust between law enforcement agencies and the people they serve.”

Bridgewater Township Police Station Facebook post on Tuesday.

“We recognize that this video has upset members of our community and is seeking a domestic investigation,” read a police statement.

The Bridgewater Township Police Department did not immediately respond to requests for comment from insiders.

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