A Virginia Sheriff’s adjutant shot 10 unarmed black men after asking 911 for help.

Police tape

Minneapolis police officers spread caution tapes at a crime scene in Minneapolis, Minnesota on June 16, 2020. Stephen Maturen / Getty Images

  • A Virginia Sheriff’s adjutant shot a black man 10 times after asking 911 for help.

  • The same lieutenant drove home from the gas station to Brown earlier in the day after his car broke down.

  • Brown was unarmed at the time and his family Told to NBC4 They don’t understand why he was shot.

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A Virginia man is undergoing intensive care in a hospital after being shot 10 times outside his home by a sheriff’s adjutant who gave him a ride earlier that day.

Izzy Brown, 32, was stuck at a gas station after a car broke down early Wednesday morning. NBC4 Washington..

Brown’s brother, Tazmon, told the news station that his lieutenant had assured him that his brother had no problems at all.

The same agent was recalled shortly after dropping him to Brown’s house after Brown was reportedly called 911 for alleging that the sheriff’s department was domestic violence. A few minutes later, police officers shot Brown 10 times, NBC4 reported.

Sergeant Brent Coffey, a spokesman for the Virginia State Police, told insiders that the second 9/11 attacks were “classified by the sheriff’s office as a domestic affair between Mr Brown and his family.”

But Brown’s brother said he believed he simply wanted to return to his car to prevent Brown from being towed.

When the adjutant returned to his residence after the second call, Brown Reportedly I’m walking away from my house. According to his family, the lieutenant began shooting Brown on his face, pelvis, chest and neck.

Police have not yet explained why the adjutant fired at Brown, but Virginia State Police issued a statement on Wednesday stating that he had “tried to verbally engage Brown” before he shot him dead. ..

Brown’s family said they didn’t understand why their brothers were shot.

“The policeman started shooting him for no reason,” said Tasmon Brown. “I didn’t hear the warning shot. All I could hear was” Hands up! “. one time. And I know he raised his hand because he only had his phone. “

Coffey told insiders that the body camera footage of the incident was under investigation but would not be released by state police.

“The body cam video is not the property of the Virginia State Police, so it’s not ours to release it,” Coffey said. “This video is evidence collected as part of an ongoing state police criminal investigation into shooting.”

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