A Washington man tried to overrun and threatened to shoot a Hollywood police officer, police say

Two off-duty Hollywood police officers were threatened by a Washington state man who said he would shoot them early Thursday afternoon, and one was almost overrun, officials said.

At around 2:46 pm, the two police officers were working on off-duty details outside the Arieto Bar & Grill on Hollywood Boulevard in 2022. Then, when Trent Conley approached them and shouted, “Kick them,” Hollywood police said. ..

The policeman told him to leave, and he responded. But 24-year-old Conley, who lives in DuPont, Washington, returned a few minutes later with a red SOLO cup and more choices, police said.

This time, Conley said he would return to the car to “get and spray 40.” Police added that Conley ran away by throwing the contents of the cup into the face of one of the police officers. ..

Before the police could grab him, Conley jumped on his white Jaguar and tried to revert to one of them. According to police, the policeman shot Conley because he was afraid of his life.

Later, when police chased him, Conley rushed off Hollywood Boulevard. He eventually collided with a parked car and ran away. With the help of a helicopter-police border in Broward County Sheriff’s Office, Conley was found lying in a bush.

After being arrested, he was injured in a crash and was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital by the Hollywood Fire Rescue Team.

Conley was charged with assaulting and interfering with police officers, assaulting police officers, and violence, resisting and interfering with police officers without violence, and fleeing police.

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