A webcam captures the exact moment a 5.1 earthquake rocked northern California

morgan hill, california – At 11:42 on Tuesday morning, the normally serene webcam view of Morgan Hill rocked. 5.1 magnitude earthquake Crashed just 10 miles away.

“Image stabilization ON!!” wrote the owner of the camera on Twitter.

So far, about 19,000 Californians have reported feeling the earth move. U.S. Geological SurveyThe epicenter was eight miles west of Seven Trees, near densely populated San Jose in the San Francisco Bay Area.

‘Significant’ earthquake rocks Northern California on Tuesday

Lights flickered and picture frames rattled in this Silicon Valley home.at the news station Auckland The quake was felt over 50 miles away.

A San Francisco teacher didn’t seem too bothered by the shaking when she was filming a video of her classroom. Thankfully the kids were outside.

Another quake hit nearly the same area just five minutes later, according to the USGS. At a magnitude of 3.1, he was the only 451 people who reported feeling a tremor.

So far it’s only rattled nerves and no reports of injury.