A white high school student learned a valuable lesson after using the N-Word in NFL’s Alvin Kamara’s DM


Alvin Kamara taught high school students in Alabama a valuable lesson about using derogatory language. Especially to people who are unfamiliar with you. 27 years old new orleans saints Running backs are popular on the field and among fantasy football fans. Kamala’s contribution to the Saint’s recent victory over the Seattle Seahawks made him a big influence on everyone who had him on the fantasy team. , one fan went a little crazy.

fan, Dane Hawkins, is a student at Hawkes Bluff High School in Hawkes Bluff, Alabama. Hawkins thought it would be a good idea to send Kamala a private message on Instagram to congratulate her on her victory.

Shortly before 10 a.m., Hawkins texted Kamala, “Well done.”

Clearly, Kamala didn’t appreciate Hawkins’ choice of greeting.

“What if I took a snapshot of this and sent it to the Hawks head coach,” he replied.

The high school student apologized immediately after learning that the situation had become a reality.

“Unfortunately, I didn’t realize you actually received these. I’m a huge fan of having you in fantasy every year,” Hawkins continued his point, though Kamala wasn’t convinced. did.

huff postSenior Front Page Editor at Philip Lewis Kamala and Dawkins tweeted an image of the exchange they made Instagram.

of caption“Life Comes Soon” summarized the chain of events Hawkins went through after Kamala continued to discipline the teen.

“I don’t care. Do you use that word at school?” Kamala asked.

Hawkins doubled down on his slip-up. It’s not in my vocabulary, so I don’t know why I used it here. “

“So they need to know what you’re telling me,” Kamala said.

Hawkins apologized again, and that possibility may have ended here. But they didn’t.Condescending follow-up reply from Hawkins Kamala inspired me to take things further.

“But after careful consideration, you earned a roster spot on my team. Congratulations son,” Hawkins said in his final message.

As if it were some kind of alimony, these words angered Kamala, and the pro football player posted screenshots of the conversation and tagged the teenager. high schooland the high school government.

After the post went public, Hawkins didn’t really acknowledge that he had learned his lesson and asked Kamala to remove the post because he was being “harassed.”

Black Twitter executed the post faster than Kamala did on the field on Sunday, causing the youngster to retreat.

@Seth_Lemon I broke down his failure in a scientific way.

@MissBleuFour called microaggression throughout the conversation.

“‘N__ga’, ‘brother’, ‘man’, ‘son’, everything but a name,” pointed out another Twitter user.

Users kept an eye out for any follow-up after Hawkins was blown up.

content creators of new orleans pelicans, Mason Ginsburg A student edited his Instagram bio to let everyone know Kamala was off the fantasy football team and he agreed black lives matter.

I don’t think this did anything to stop the hatred Hawkins wanted to stop. @Wilbent let him know It eventually became private.

Neither Hawkins’ high school nor his coach lived up to the unwanted attention.