A White House investigation found “trustworthy evidence” that top scientific advisers were bullying and despising their subordinates.

Eric Lander.

Eric Lander. Anna Money Maker / Getty Images

According to a recent White House internal investigation, President Biden’s Chief Scientific Advisor and Director of Science and Technology Policy Eric Lander “bullied, insulted, and violated White House’s workplace policy.” Politico Report by survey and interviews with current and former staff.

A two-month study found that Lander was “bullying” with former legal counsel Rachel Wallace. He also concluded that there was “trustworthy evidence” of “rude interaction with staff by Dr. Lander and OSTP leaders.” A sharpened road in front of other staff. “

Interviewed staff Politico “They say Lander frequently bullied, cut off, and fired his men,” he said in detail about a similar toxic work environment. Politico Write.

Wallace, a former legal counsel for Lander, said the director said, “Calling staff, slandering, embarrassing in front of colleagues, laughing, shunning, and robbing jobs. I retaliated against the staff. I replaced them or kicked them out of the agency. Many women shed tears, were traumatized, and felt vulnerable and isolated. “

On Friday, when he reportedly noticed Politico’s next work, Lander. Apologies for his behavior By email to the staff.Still, some staff are wondering why he wasn’t punished more seriously, especially after Biden. Pledge To respect the zero-tolerance staff’s disregard for policy among his political appointments, Politico Note.

“Everyone is afraid of him,” said one OSTP staff member at Lander.

“There are a lot of great people in this country,” another said. “I completely deny the idea that his brilliance is very peculiar and critical to the country and his actions are allowed.”

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