A white man who pushed a black neighbor in a racist rant arrested after a protester appeared in his house

Mount Laurel, NJ — Whites arrested His video screaming racism to his black neighbor triggered an anti-racist protest At his house.

Edward Cagney Matthews, 45, in a video that was widely disseminated on Friday, pushed his neighbor in the chest, used a racist slur, then gave his address and filmed him. I asked a person to visit my home.

He was charged with harassment and prejudice threats on Friday, but was not arrested until Monday after 150 protesters appeared at his home. Prosecutors said at a press conference Monday night that they were filing a new accusation against Matthew based on additional video footage, but they did not say what the new accusation was. He was taken to Burlington County Prison.

“It’s hard to exaggerate how sneaky and sneaky this defendant’s sneaky and sneaky acts against his neighbors were on Friday night,” Burlington County Prosecutor Scott A. Kofina said in a statement. Faced everywhere, but especially at their own doorstep.

Before he was arrested, Matthews said in another video, “What I did was unacceptable. It’s completely wrong.”

The original video, which Mount Laurel police called “disturbing,” shows Matthew mocking a black man at the door of his house, repeatedly using racial slurs, and refusing to leave until police arrive. Is shown. Matthew shouts to the man, “Come to see me,” and then gives his full address.

The town of South Jersey and subsequent residents featured him in an invitation on Monday. Outside Matthew’s house, a loud and peaceful crowd gathered for hours, shouting “Black Lives Matter” and “This is what the community looks like.”

“He’s an elite entitled White Supremacist, and that’s why he thought he could give his speech without any influence,” he joined the protesters outside Matthew’s house. Angelin Dean of Mount Laurel said.

Some were angry and asked police officers, asking them to find out why Matthew wasn’t arrested earlier.Residents also complained about the police’s response to the conflict, and Matthews History involved in racial affairs In an apartment.

In another case on Friday, Matthew allegedly targeted another black neighbor, according to a statement of possible causes of the arrest.

Verlyn H. Gibbons reported that Mathews “approached her front door and harassed her by screaming offensive words and racial slander.”

She called the police and, according to a statement, answered the door in anticipation of a detective visit later that day.

Instead, she told Matthew, “I’ve cursed her and denied being a criminal mischief suspect.” Gibbons immediately closed the door and called the police. Police spoke to Matthew at the complex.

But when the police left the area, “Matthews [was] I shot it with Gibbons’ security camera, looked straight at the camera, laughed and stabbed my hips with lascivious movements. “

The statement also mentions Gibbons’ allegation that he heard a slur from Matthew. “There have been various times in the last few months, but those incidents have not been recorded in the video.”

Another resident, Jazmyn Suszynski, complained to police in 2017 about alleged harassment by Mathews. “The police didn’t help me,” she said.

Jazmyn Suszynski said he complained to police in 2017 about alleged harassment by Mathews. “The police didn’t help me,” she said.

Kyle Gardner, a spokesman for Mount Laurel Police, investigated previous complaints about Matthew, but found no possible reason for the police to withdraw or recommend prosecution. I told USA Today. Police are investigating other cases involving Matthews, and more protests are expected on Tuesday, Gardner said.

Mayor Stephen Stegrik also called for the creation of a “Board of Diversity and Inclusion” on Tuesday. Improve communication with township residents A federal hate crime survey of Matthew’s behavior.

“We need accountability and transparency as to why the process of detaining Matthew in police was filled with loopholes that seemed to protect known harassers,” said Stegrik.

Contribution: Associated Press. Nicorette White and Jim Walsh report on the Burlington County Times. N’dea Yancey-USA TODAY’s Bragg report.

This article was originally published in USA TODAY NETWORK. A New Jersey man arrested after racist rants caused protests in his home

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