A Wisconsin judge has approved a move to destroy the gun used by Kyle Rittenhouse.

On Friday, a Wisconsin judge approved an agreement to destroy the assault-style rifle Kyle Rittenhouse used in. Deadly shooting Percentage of two men protesting racial justice in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Play status: The gun is likely to be destroyed by Kenosha police in April, said Thomas Binger, deputy district attorney for Kenosha County. The video in which it is destroyed will be provided to all parties as evidence.

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Rittenhouse lawyer filed a petition Earlier this month, he asked the prosecutor to return the guns, ammunition, face masks, and other clothes he wore on the night of the deadly shooting.

  • “Rittenhaus spokesman David Hancock said Thursday that Rittenhouse wants to destroy the rifle and plans to throw away his clothes so no one can use it to’celebrate’the shooting. “The Associated Press said. report..

  • The rest of the items were returned to the Rittenhouse while the gun was destroyed, Binger said in court.

Big picture: Rittenhaus shot dead Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber, injuring Gaiji Großkreutz in his arm.He was found Not guilty At all counts in November.

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