A Wisconsin woman gave her eye drops and killed her friend, police say

Allergic eye drops

Tetrahydrozoline is safe for the eyes, but toxic when swallowed. Andrei Popov / Shutterstock

  • A woman in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, was charged with first-class murder for poisoning her friend.

  • According to police, Jesse Kurchewski gave Lynn Hernan a glass of eye drops that was toxic when swallowed.

  • Kurczewski also faces two felony charges associated with Hernan’s death.

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A woman in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, was charged with first-class murder for her friend’s poisoning death, and authorities believe she used eye drops to commit the crime.

Ah Criminal accusation Jessy R. Kurczewski, 36, accuses his friend Lynn Hernan of poisoning his friend Lynn Hernan with eye drops. Pewaukee, Wisconsin At home.

Kurchevsky and his mother Jennifer Flower helped to care for Hernan, who had been suffering from a long-standing, unexplained illness. Kurczewski called authorities to Hernan’s home on October 13, 2018, saying Hernan was unconscious.

When police arrived, they found Hernan crushed into a reclining chair and placed on her chest and on the plate next to her. Kurczewski told the police, Hernan-frustrated and sick. Suffering-said he was thinking of committing suicide. However, some of Hernan’s relatives and friends refuted Kurchevsky’s allegations and questioned Kurchevsky, who was recently appointed as Hernan’s executor.

The scene looked like suicide, but police believed that Hernan was actually killed. Toxicology reports that Hernan’s bloodstream contained large amounts of tetrahydrozoline, a decongestant commonly found in eye drops.

Tetrahydrozoline is safe for the eyes, Toxic when swallowed..

Kurczewski initially denied knowing anything about eye drops, but she had previously witnessed Hernan dripping Visine into vodka after being arrested on suspicion of killing Hernan in July 2019. Was admitted. In fact, according to Kurchevsky, the water bottle photographed at the scene of Hernan’s death actually contained six visines. According to police complaints, Kurchewski handed a bottle of visine to Hernan. Admitted that it was “her choice” to drink it.

In addition to the first-class murder charges, Kurchewski has been charged with the following charges: Two felony theftsPolice believe Kurchevsky had stolen from Hernan months before her death to support her gambling addiction.She has been accused of doing more than that $ 290,000 worth of scams..

Kurczewski is currently detained in Waukesha County Jail for a $ 1 million bail in preparation for the June 25 hearing. As a condition of release, Kurchewski is prohibited from working as a caregiver or as “the ability to obtain or possess personally identifiable information.” She is also prohibited from visiting casinos or buying or using eye drops over the counter.

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