A Wisconsin woman puts the head of a dismemberment victim in a bucket after stimulant sexual activity: police officer

Brown County Prison

Brown County Prison

A 24-year-old woman was charged last week with the murder of a man who was found scattered in green bay real estate and vehicles.

According to a criminal accusation obtained by a local outlet, a resident of his home summoned police on February 23 after finding a severed head in a bucket. WBAY.. Upon arriving at the scene, police officers went down the basement stairs, found their heads still lying in a black bucket on the floor, covered with towels, and “looked like dry blood on a nearby mattress.” Further searching for properties found a storage tote that contained the upper part of the fuselage.

Taylor Shabusiness, allegedly the last person to see a 25-year-old victim alive, was found in a nearby home. According to the complaint, her clothes were stuffed with dry blood, and police searched her van and found a clockpot box containing other parts of the human body “including her feet.”

When police asked her what had happened, Shabusiness replied, “That’s a good question.”

She was later charged with one deliberate murder, amputation of the corpse, and three sexual assaults.

According to the complaint, Schabusiness allegedly killed and dismantled the victim after first smoking methamphetamine. They started sexual encounters and then escalated to include the use of chains. This is what Schabusiness characterized as a dog’s chalk color. She said she had two. One for her and the other for him.

After all, Shabusiness says he started strangling with his bare hands. She told investigators that she could feel his heart beating while choking him.She kept going as the man’s face turned purple and blood came out of his mouth, a local outlet. WISN I quoted and reported the complaint.

The prosecutor alleged in the complaint that she then played with the corpse “a few hours” after the corpse’s death, using several knives to dismantle the corpse. She explained in a police interview that the bread knife “worked best” “due to the serrated blade.”

According to the complaint, Shabusiness told police that “it’s fun trying to find all the organs.”

Her plan was to bring all body parts with her, but she was “delusional and lazy” when she put it down, so she left her head behind.

“But I can’t believe I’ve left my head,” she said.

Shabusiness told investigators that she had just gone “crazy” and blacked out during at least some of the encounters. She asked them, “Do you know what it’s like to love something enough to kill it?” Green Bay Press Gazette..

The names of the victims were not immediately announced by the authorities.

On Tuesday, a Brown County court set Shabusiness’s bail at $ 2 million and considered her at risk of flight. She was put on probation a few weeks before her alleged murder and had lost the surveillance bracelet she was supposed to be wearing.

“I think the alleged facts are very worrisome, anxious, and end up in the violent and serious nature of the crime,” District Attorney Assistant Caleb Sanders said in a hearing. He has long called it “one of the most serious crimes” committed in the county.

WBAY reported that Schabusiness, which appeared via a video link, made few statements at the hearing. She seemed calm. If she is convicted, she will face life imprisonment.

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