A Wisconsin woman saves her son from a dog attack and dies. The family calls her a “hero”.

Bowler-A 35-year-old Shawano County female family calls her a “hero” after saving her 4-year-old son from a family dog ​​attack last week.

Heather Pingel, two home-based mothers who graduated from Whitenberg Burnhamwood in 2005, was taken to Aspirus Warso Hospital by rescue workers after the incident at Bowler’s parents’ home on December 8. Her injuries were devastating, she was about noon on Thursday, according to her sister, Shannon Pingel.

Her son, Damion Bernarde, received about 70 needles on his leg after the incident, but he is returning home with his family, Shannon said.

“She is the bravest and strongest mother I know to do for her child. She bet her life to save him,” Shannon said.

Bowler Heather Pingel died on December 8 in an injury he suffered while protecting his 4-year-old son from a dog attack at his family's home. Here she is depicted with her cousin's baby.

Bowler Heather Pingel died on December 8 in an injury she suffered while protecting her 4-year-old son from a dog attack at a family home. Here she is depicted with her cousin’s baby.

The attack took place while Damion and Heather were at home. Heather’s five-year-old daughter, Carmen Bernarde, was at school, and her child’s father, Shane Bernarde, was at his brother’s house, Shannon said.

When Shane returned home that afternoon, Heather was in the bathroom with the door closed, and Damion fell down the stairs and didn’t know where he was, according to police reports from the Sheriff’s Office in Shane County. rice field. .. After he found the boy in the living room, Shane returned to the bathroom and found a family pitbull attacking Heather.

“I don’t know how long she was there and fighting him. Shane went home and found her lying on the bathroom floor,” she said, “to me. He has no arms and is dying. “

According to police reports, Shane told police officers that he grabbed the dog and pulled it out, grabbed the pistol and shot it. Shane was also bitten by a dog.

When police arrived shortly before 3 pm, they found Heather on the bathroom floor, suffocating and unable to speak. Damion was reportedly sitting in a chair in the living room, with a serious injury to his leg. The dog was dead.

Heather, Damion and Shane were taken to the hospital by ambulance for treatment.

Heather suffered from renal failure after the attack and had amputated both arms, among other health problems, Shannon said.

Shannon says the aftermath was unclear to everyone involved. Only Heather knew exactly what had happened, and she couldn’t get in touch with her family and police. However, the family has a theory about what caused the dog to attack.

“When there was a loud noise, the dog was always a little clean, so I’m guessing Damion might have fallen down the stairs and crying and kicked up at the dog. The dog grabbed his paw and Heather. Did everything he could to save his son, “Shannon said.

They believe Heather found the dog, as most of the attacks happened in the bathroom. The dog surpassed her by at least 30 pounds, attacked her son, and had a hard time getting her away from her to the bathroom.

Police reported that the December 8 incident wasn’t the first time a family dog ​​showed signs of an attack, but Shannon said Heather loved animals and couldn’t abandon her pet. Stated.

“My sister had the greatest heart for an animal and couldn’t get rid of it … her heart was too big and I thought they could fix him,” Shannon said. Said.

A local veterinary clinic told police that the dog was up to date and no health problems were known.

Police reports that the case does not appear to be a “criminal in nature” and the dog will be inspected by the Department of Health.

Following Heather’s death on Thursday, Shannon shared a message with her sister on Facebook.

“Rip my sweet sister. We’re all here for your baby! Embrace grandma and wait for me to get there …. I’m so much for you I love you! This is not easy. “

Shannon also started GoFundMe account To support family medical and funeral expenses, and to support Damion and Carmen. Fundraising has raised over $ 5,500 by Thursday night.

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