A woman at Myrtle Point dies after being attacked by a dog


September 27-A woman at Myrtle Point died after being attacked by a caring dog.

According to a press release issued by District Attorney R. Paul Frazier, 42-year-old Amber Dawn Label died Saturday the day after being attacked by a mixture of Pitbull / American Bulldogs weighing over 120 pounds. The dog was shot and killed after attempting to attack the corresponding police officer.

Frazier reported that at around 10:15 am on Friday, a 9-1-1 call was made reporting a dog attack at 1700 blocks on Spruce Street at Myrtle Point. Myrtle Point police and ambulances responded to the scene. A trained medic police officer first went to the scene and immediately went to treat the label. The dog tried to attack the cop when he was trying to help, and the cop shot the dog and killed it.

The dog was owned by a Springfield resident who was caring for Jeremy Robertson. Robertson was a friend of Label and spent the night at her house with a dog the night before the incident.

On Friday, Robertson left the dog with the label and locked it in his bedroom. After Robertson left home, Label’s ex-husband brought their two minor children for a visit. Children aged 8 and 5 were at home with Label when he was attacked by a dog as soon as he opened the bedroom door.

Two children witnessed the attack and one was able to leave the house for help. The two neighbors, identified as April Shaw and Cherokee Mackenzie, immediately rushed home for help.

Mackenzie grabbed the dog with a collar and was able to pull the dog away from the label while the show pulled the label away from the dog. When the chief officer arrived at the scene, the dog began pulling Mackenzie towards the chief officer and the show, so the chief officer shot the dog.

The label was taken by ambulance to Coquille Valley Hospital and later to Riverbend Hospital. She died around 4am on Saturday.

Law enforcement officials learned that the dog had previously attacked two underage children in July in Springfield, Frazier said.

Frazier praised the two neighbors who rushed home to save Label and said he was very courageous in trying to help them.

Frazier said the case was under investigation. He said one question the police were trying to answer was how and why the dog came to Kuth County. If you have information about the incident, we recommend contacting the Myrtle Point Police Station (541-572-2124).