A woman charged with assaulting her pet owner in Brooklyn after the death of Instagram Starcat

A woman who attacked an Asian pet owner who confronted a boy was charged with assault Allegedly hurt a cat..

The April 4 incident at McCarren Park in Brooklyn resulted in the death of the cat. Ponzu sauce, And a large call for justice on social media.

Bystander videos show pet owner Chanan Aksonnan (also known as chef Baobao) being attacked by individuals believed to be the boy’s family.

Ponzu died shortly after the attack, but all three surviving pets (dog (tofu), parrot (mango), and another cat (kimchi)) suffered from trauma.

On Wednesday, the New York Police Department confirmed the arrest of 42-year-old Evelyn Serrano, according to a Voice of America reporter. Janine Phakdeetham..

Serrano is said to have hit and kicked Axornan, causing cuts and bruises on his body.

It is unclear if Serrano has anything to do with the boy who allegedly started the entire case.

Indignant social media users ever Identified Two other individuals involved in the attack.

Another woman reportedly believed to be the boy’s mother Description Case as “accident”And insisted on it “Both parties must be responsible for their actions.”

“It was an accident, and the kids will be kids [sic].. What happened after that did not indicate that we were humans, but things escalated rapidly. “ The woman reportedly writes in a Facebook post that is currently inaccessible.

She has Aksornnan “Put your hands” Minors involved. She also denied hatred of Asians.

“This has nothing to do with the hatred of Asians. I have Asian friends.”

A screenshot The comment shows the alleged profile of the woman using the phrase “Chin Chin”

Social media users claimed to have also identified a man in Parker, who was filmed in the video.

In another comment, the male-named profile responded to critics with anti-Asian stereotypes.

“Why don’t you eat a cat?”
The man is said to have asked.

Ponzu was then cremated and brought back to the family. At the time of this writing, the hashtag #JusticeForPonzu continues to make waves on multiple social media platforms.

Organized by Aksornnan GoFundMe page To raise money for a court battle ahead of her family.It raised over $ 46,000 Of that $ 50,000 goal.

“The emotional stress and heartache of losing our beloved cat and seeing his last moments has afflicted us to this day.” She wrote. “By donating to this fund, you will help us pursue justice and the legal struggle in front of us. You keep the attackers without us empathizing with animals and humans. Helping, giving pet / animal owners additional legal rights, etc. “

No other arrests have been made so far.

Featured image via @ponzucoolcat (Left) and Reddit (Right)

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