A woman charged with murder for the death of a Texas boy

Houston (AP) — On Thursday, prosecutors charged a woman with murder for the death of a five-year-old Houston boy she was caring for.

Teresa Balboa, 29, was previously arrested and charged with tampering with evidence and human corpses. Samuel Olsson, His father Balboa was dating.

Samuel’s cause of death was sentenced to murder, but the Harris County District Attorney’s Office was waiting to prosecute Balboa for murder until he investigated how he was killed. Court documents allege that Balboa hit the boy “with a dull object,” but did not provide additional details.

Prosecutors said earlier they said He was testing the possibility of a murder weapon.

Balboa’s lawyer, Robert Scott, did not immediately return a call or email asking for comment.

Samuel has been living with Balboa since April 30th. It was the last day he was seen at school. Authorities have not revealed why Samuel was staying in Balboa on behalf of his parents, who were involved in a fierce custody dispute.

Prosecutors alleged that Balboa had killed Samuel on May 12, just over two weeks before reporting that he was missing on May 27, according to a criminal accusation filed Thursday. Samuel would have turned six on May 29th.

Balboa is one of three indicted in connection with Samuel’s death. Her roommate Benjamin Rivera and her friend Dylan Walker are also facing evidence of tampering with the counts.

According to a previously filed arrest affidavit, Samuel’s body was kept in the tub of an apartment in Houston, on the outskirts of Balboa and Rivera, until it was placed in a plastic tote and hidden in a storage unit on May 13. It was.

Officials alleged that on June 1, Walker helped Walker move Samuel’s body from the vault to a motel in Jasper, about 135 miles (215 km) northeast.

Police claim that Walker called the authorities after helping Balboa move the body to Jasper and let him know where it was. Prosecutors said they were on their way to Louisiana when Balboa was arrested in Jasper.

Balboa, 29, remains imprisoned for a total of $ 600,000 in public debt for tampering charges and another count from another case. However, prosecutors are now demanding that she be detained for murder. Rivera, 27, and Walker, 27, were released after issuing bonds.

Balboa’s next court hearing is scheduled for Monday.

Samuel’s parents filed for divorce in January 2020. His mother had primary custody, but according to her lawyer, she hadn’t seen her son since the summer of 2020.

Samuel’s mother, Sarah Olson, said in a statement, “I hope that justice will be provided to all those involved in the death of my baby.” She planned to speak at a press conference on Friday.


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