A woman fires at a family of six heading on vacation in a road rage attack, MO police say

Last week, a family of six on vacation was shot along a highway in Missouri, and a 22-year-old mother was accused of triggering.

According to police Family from Tennessee was heading to Kansas City On Friday, when Ford Focus began tracking SUVs, on the Nissan Pathfinder I-55. The Pathfinder driver braked and instructed the focus to slow down or bypass, KMOV reported.

Police told KMOV that Focus speeded up next to the Pathfinder and passenger Shanyka Fouche took out the gun and fired it.

A bullet jumps into the cabin of the family Pathfinder, Attack dad KSDK reported on his hip. The agency reported that even a single shot hit the tire and ruptured. There are no other injuries and Dad is expected to recover.

The car started suddenly, but was the oldest of the two children between the ages of 2 and 11. Remember the car number, KTVI reported. Police were able to track the vehicle and pulled it up after about an hour.

“When he was shot, he looked closely at the license plates, remembered the license plates of the car, and made it possible to use OnStar,” Pebly police chief Alan Eikhoff told the television station. “He is the protagonist of this case.”

When police arrested Fushe, they found two small children in the car, including a two-year-old child, outlet reports.

According to KSDK, 2 years old is a child of Fushe.

Fouche faces 10 crimes, including assault, endangering the welfare of children, and armed criminal activity, the outlet reported.

She is detained in Jefferson County Jail without bail.

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