A woman floating on an air mattress rescued from Lake Oklahoma

A woman floating on an air mattress on Lake Oklahoma was rescued last week after a train engineer found her.

Lena Kent, general director of public relations for BNSF Railway, said in an email Thursday that two members of BNSF’s crew found a woman in the lake.

Lake Texoma in Oklahoma.  (Google map)

Lake Texoma in Oklahoma. (Google map)

When the engineer noticed a woman floating on Lake Texoma, the train the crew was on was heading south.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the woman was trying to use the air mattress as a raft to go to another boat with the man she was with. KTRE-TV Pollock, Texas

“The crew stopped the train and asked the dispatcher to dispatch emergency services wirelessly,” Kent wrote in an email. “They said she knew that the person had to be injured, based on where she was found.”

After they walked back the length of 26 railcars, engineers and crew found a woman floating on an air mattress, Kent said.

The woman speaks a radio station, she said she was floating for two days KRMG Report of Tulsa, Oklahoma. KRMG reported that she identified herself as the woman simply being Connie to the train crew.

According to Kent, the woman was frozen when she was found, had her hands cut and bleeding, and had a hard time walking. Her woman showed signs of hypothermia, but her crew was able to take her to a second engine and warm her up, Kent said.

After the woman boarded, the train headed south to wait for emergency response personnel.

“Such an incredible story,” Kent wrote.

KRMG reported that the man who was originally with the female was able to get to the shore. The woman is taken to the hospital and is expected to recover.