A woman in Atlanta handed a gun to another woman in the car.A fatal mistake, Miami Beach police say

Doctors said a woman in Atlanta was “not likely to survive” after being accidentally shot in a car entering Miami Beach on Sunday night.

It was charged with negligence for the time being, causing personal injury and improper display of firearms, according to a report of the arrest of 24-year-old Taniyria Holt, who lives in Atlanta.

Victims whose names have been edited in the report are receiving life support systems. Doctors are waiting for her family to return from Georgia. If a woman dies, her charges against Holt are subject to change.

When announcing Shooting and closing of the northbound ramp on Alton Road On Sunday night, east of Julia Tuttle Causeway (Interstate 195), Miami Beach police said preliminary investigations showed that the shots were self-confessed.

However, according to an arrest report released on Monday, Holt abandoned his right to remain silent and admitted that he accidentally shot Carmate.

She said four women in the car were recording themselves on their cell phones when Holt in the passenger seat was handling a 9mm pistol owned by Ashley Baden, who was sitting just behind Holt. According to police, Holt saw the live ammunition fired and explained that he was holding a gun.

“Mr. Holt said he gave the firearm to (the victim sitting behind the driver), thinking he didn’t have live ammunition in it, but accidentally shot her,” the report said. There is. “The cell phone used by (victim) showed evidence of a projectile hitting (victim’s) face, and she was injured.”

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