A woman killed by a fallen tree in Sydney


Sydney, Australia — A storm on a beach in northern Sydney killed a woman and injured three people as a tree fell in a parking lot.

Paramedics received multiple reports of storm damage throughout the region on Sundays at 3:30 pm on trees and power lines that span the suburbs from Monavel to Forest Building.

Police, New South Wales ambulance rescue workers, New South Wales fire rescue teams, and rescue helicopters respond to an incident at a parking lot on Ocean Street in Narrabeen after reports of tree and power line collapse. did.

A woman in her 70s died on the scene.

According to the NSW ambulance, a woman in her late teens was treated for spinal and head injuries, and another woman in her 70s was treated for multiple injuries. Both were taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital in serious condition.

The boy was also evaluated for minor injuries, but did not have to go to the hospital.

“This was just a tragic scene. When the storm struck, these women were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time,” NSW ambulance inspector Christie Marks said in a statement.

“As you can imagine, the patient suffered multiple injuries after being hit by a fall of branches and other debris.

“The strength of the storm is evident from the destruction it caused. Given the size of this tree, it is worth noting that no more injured.”