A woman protesting Tesla at a Chinese motor show claims an automaker is suing her

A woman who jumped onto Tesla’s car, shouting “brake failure” at the Auto Shanghai in April, claims that she is currently being sued by an electric car maker for 5 million yuan ($ 750,000).

The woman said through her Weibo A social media account on September 27 that Tesla is suing her for declining reputation.

A woman named Zhang reportedly received a request for pre-procedural mediation from the People’s Court in Qingpu District, Shanghai, issued on August 14. ..

Zhang also posted a photo of Tesla’s civil lawsuit against her.

The alleged complaint contained three Tesla proceedings, and the first request required a Weibo account to issue a statement of apology. This should last for more than 30 days and we publicly apologize in the national media.

The second request was that she should pay Tesla 5 million yuan ($ 750,000) as compensation. The third requirement was that she bear all legal costs.

The complaint is the result of Zhang’s April 19 protest standing on the roof of Tesla’s car, shouting “brake failure” at the Shanghai International Auto Show. She also wore a brazed T-shirt with the same phrase.

She claimed that the Tesla Model 3’s brakes stopped working while driving in February. This almost killed four members of her family and collided with two cars, she said.

Zhang demanded that Tesla pay a huge amount of compensation.

Tesla replied twice, “I will not compromise on unreasonable demands.”

Three days after the Shanghai Motor Show protest, Tesla released Zhang’s driving data showing that the car was driving at high speed before the accident. According to the company, the automatic braking system has significantly reduced the speed of the car.

Shortly thereafter, Tesla also issued a statement to its official Weibo account, revealing that on the day of the accident on February 21, the driver was Zhang’s father and Zhang was in the passenger seat.

Zhang also made many other protests against her allegations.

During the conflict, Chinese media uniformly criticized Tesla, saying that the company led by Elon Musk would eventually be expelled abroad.

U.S.-based Chinese analyst Ji Da said in Chinese Epoch Times Tesla will be abandoned after the Chinese Communist Party’s administration learns high-tech technology for car companies.

“A year or two later, when an electric car company in China learns technology from Tesla, the Chinese administration finds a way to get Tesla out of China or uses various fraudulent tactics to bring Tesla to China in Musk. We will force the government-owned companies to sell it at a low price, “said Ji.

Alex Woo


Alex Wu is a US-based writer of The Epoch Times, focusing on Chinese society, Chinese culture, human rights and international affairs.