A woman recalls a “nightmare” scene when police in Kansas City, Kansas killed her estranged boyfriend.

The four 35-year-old mothers crouched in the back room of their home and called 911 on Friday afternoon. Her divorced boyfriend hammered the back door of her home in Kansas City.

The man had already fired multiple shots at the same back door at that time. Shortly before the police pulled him up, a female friend fired and beat the man’s lower body.

Officer arrives at the residence 5000 blocks on Vista Street She said she ordered her weapons to be dropped after 4 pm. When he refused, they shot the man deadly.

“It was a nightmare,” said the woman who asked her not to reveal her identity. “He harasses me every day this week.”

The shooting on June 25 was the second within five days of fatal shooting of the suspect by police in Kansas City, Kansas.

Last Sunday, police officers shot a man deadly on 18th Avenue and Parallel Parkway. The chase, which began in Kansas City, Missouri, moved across state borders to Kansas.The police said Dario Dominguez, 25, turned to police and shot, The person who returned the fire.

“‘Don’t point that weapon at me,'” recalled the woman telling the man during her encounter at home. “The policeman said many times.” Don’t point it out here. Drop the gun, drop the gun, “and then just shoot, and it’s all over. “

The woman said she was not sure if the man tried to shoot the police officer.

“They gave him a fair warning. I say that,” she said. “That is, honestly believe that if he goes in, he won’t be here today.”

Police have not disclosed the man’s name. The man did not live at home, but was at home, causing a situation that police described as “domestic.”

The woman said he was the father of two of her children. She and her friends were unharmed during the Friday incident.

Three police officers were involved in the encounter and were put on paid leave, a standard procedure. It is unknown how many police officers fired their weapons. Officers are equipped with body cameras and will be reviewed as part of the investigation.

The break attempted on Friday was the latest in a harassment campaign that women said they had recently endured.

“I was trying to make it heartfelt,” she said. “He was doing stupid things with psychosis. For the children, I just kept doing it.”

The woman said she had issued a detention order to the man earlier in the week.

“He broke into my house and brought a TV, a washer and dryer, and money,” the woman wrote in a detention order application. “He has been removed from the lease so he can no longer be in the land.

“He … called my friends, family, my job, and my employer. He said he was going to kill me and then myself.”

Bill Lukitsch and Katie Moore contributed information to this report.

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