A woman who died during police detention was also abused

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Democrats have invited immigrant children to the infamous Florida facility. It didn’t work.

Tom Williams / CQ Roll CallMIAMI — On Monday afternoon, Carrie Feit walked along the sidewalk around a vast federal-owned complex opposite the Air Force Base in Homestead, Florida. More than a year has passed since the property was last used to detain more than 2,000 migrant children who crossed the border without adults or were separated from their families. The site was shut down during the Trump era in a scandal avalanche that included allegations of sexual abuse involving children contained there. But speculation is swirling as talk of a “surge” of immigrants at the border has gained momentum in recent weeks, as to whether the Biden administration will reopen its controversial detention center. As a result, Feit and other migrant reform activists have begun to stake out of the facility to monitor whether migrant children have been transported. If you’re ready, “said a 47-year-old Miami-based activist. “You can also resist, show your presence and send a clear message here that you don’t want to reopen your child’s immigration facility.” Vaccine trade between the United States and Mexico has instigated a brutal immigration crackdown. I am. Human activity on the site is booming, Fate told The Daily Beast. Then, on Saturday, Congressional Democrats panicked Fate and other immigrant advocates in a tweet suggesting that the facility might be the solution to the problem. This episode shows the dangerous path Biden faces when the Biden administration is fighting both humanitarian turmoil and false perceptions of open borders. Bring the children of immigrants, “read a tweet sent by Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson to the official accounts of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. “Send us a girl. Bring me now and hold me and my community responsible for their humane treatment. We visit frequently and monitor their care. More! Miami-Dade is expanding its arms! ”As for the number of immigrants, especially children, US control has skyrocketed in recent weeks, the federal government has launched a new facility at the Dallas Convention Center, and former oil workers. The camp has been transformed into an emergency housing facility for immigrant children. But clear support for a new version of the infamous facility Miami-based activist on immigration reform and other progressive issues, Thomas Kennedy, retweeted Wilson by linking to a video clip of Vice President Harris. .. The site while she stopped the campaign near the Homestead facility when she was still a Democratic presidential candidate. At that time, Harris promised to permanently close commercial detention centers such as Homestead. @ RepWil The son here at @VP Harris calls homestead detention camps for children “human rights abuses” and promises to permanently close these commercial facilities. These commercial detention camps for children must remain closed forever. https://t.co/JdEzFERU2B pic.twitter.com/RhwSTfSlvD— Thomas Kennedy (@tomaskenn) In a telephone interview on March 28, 2021, Kennedy told The Daily Beast that he was surprised by Wilson’s tweet. Biden and Harris were elected because they promised not to duplicate the immigration policy of the Trump era. “It’s literally unacceptable to do exactly the same thing at the same facility,” Kennedy said. “If they reopen the site, it’s frankly anxious. It’s also the political responsibility of Democrats. A White House spokesman asked the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to comment on the story. The department spokesperson did not respond to an email regarding this issue. Wilson did not respond to a request for comment from the spokesperson on the story. The Byden administration took shelter in late February. Workers also control the truck at the scene, saying that Fate and other activists have found many vehicles, including deliveries and pests, as news reports have begun to spread that they may resume. She claimed that she had repainted nearby walls and installed green screens on wire mesh fences to make it harder to see what was happening on the premises. We are really dissatisfied with not saying, “I will never reopen.” We oppose the militarized blockade. The Democratic Party opened the presidential office in January. Flaca comes as the Byden administration has been working to contain a story about the storm of cross-border immigrants between Mexico and the United States since its pioneering. Meanwhile, Republican senators blamed the Byden administration’s immigration policy, including suspending the construction of the Trump wall, for the influx of new immigrants. Texas Senator Ted Cruz said with colleagues. “What’s happening here at the border is tragic and tragic,” he said at a press conference. Around the same time, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mallorcas revealed that the United States is expected to reach its peak. The number of people intercepted at the border in 20 years. Most single adults and families have been banished, but some unaccompanied minors are allowed to stay in the country. As a result, as of last week, more than 18,000 children were restricted by well beyond the statutory 72 hours and are under the control of Customs and Border Protection or other federal agencies, according to CNN. I did. Minors, the federal government is fighting over where to house them. In the way migrant advocates see it, the Biden administration is sending mixed signals as to whether the Homestead Detention Center was used as an overflow facility to accommodate migrant children in both the Obama and Trump administrations. , Open the door again. According to a previous report by Axios, the president himself opposes the reopening of shelters under the jurisdiction of the Refugee Resettlement Administration within the Department of Health and Human Services. However, according to the Miami Herald, the government has not made a decision on the fate of the Homestead facility. If reopened, the center may be renamed the Biscane Inflow Care Facility. The three for-profit companies running to operate the detention center, including its former operator, Caliburn International, did not respond to requests for comment. Temporary shelters were always exposed to fire. After investigating the facility in 2019, Amnesty International determined that the federal government violated the human rights of thousands of unaccompanied children by detaining them indefinitely. According to the organization’s 41-page report, “This requires children to wear barcodes, resulting in inadequate language services, inadequate remote case management services, potentially inadequate education services, and allegations. It’s a very restricted setting that provides an inadequate system for reporting. The report was accompanied by a three-page letter from Caliburn CEO Jim Van Dussen. An unfounded conclusion was reached to correct the inaccuracies record. ”In response, Van Dussen emphasized the relevant information needed to ensure safety for all detention center employees. After undergoing an FBI fingerprint background check, ” [migrant children] Mexican MAGA conspiracy theorist fan flames at the border Still, at least five allegations of sexual abuse were filed during Barack Obama’s final term, and at least two under Trump shortly after the facility was reopened. Other alleged cases have been reported. According to the Miami New Times in 2018. In 2017, a former shelter youth care worker was sentenced to 10 years in prison after being convicted in a federal court in Miami for forcing and seducing an unaccompanied foreign minor into illegal sexual activity. I did. According to court documents, the woman Melis Perez Colon had an improper relationship with a minor she met in the shelter by sending and receiving explicit videos and images. According to another 2019 report by the American Friends Service Commission of the Social Justice Organization, the shelter is directly adjacent to the Homestead Air Force Base and poses a serious health risk to children there. This is the site of. The Commission noted that the shelter was near contaminated soil on the base containing arsenic, lead, and mercury. In addition, the report states that children were exposed to the constant barrage of sonic booms caused by fighters taking off and landing at bases. Mariana Martinez, campaign and advocacy coordinator for the American Friends Service Commission, said Wilson’s proposal amplifies confused immigrants. Activists feel about the Biden administration’s plans to address fundamental humanitarian issues. I am. “We need to be more transparent,” Martinez told The Daily Beast. “No explanation yet [the Biden administration] Whether this site will be restarted. Like other immigration activists, Martinez is calling on the Biden administration to end its policy of deporting migrants from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which was enacted under Trump last year. Time of first contact to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Biden administration changed its policy for immigrant children rather than adults, called Title 42, to prevent non-Americans from going through the asylum process. “We want better policies for migrants and refugees,” she said. “If you can hear the asylum at the border, you can prevent and stop all of this turmoil.” Read more at The Daily Beast. Did you get a hint? Send it to The Daily Beast here. Put your top stories in your inbox every day. Sign up now! DailyBeast Membership: Beast Inside digs deeper into the stories that matter to you. learn more.

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