A woman who matched her former landlord at Hinge – and agreed to a date if he would pay it with a security deposit she didn’t return.


photo collage. On the left is Hinge a screenshot of a message from his match, with TikToker speaking on a green screen in front of it. On the right is her response to Hinge asking her match to use the money from her security deposit for the date.

DuBois (@dubwaah) was matched with a previous landlord on Hinge. She took advantage of it and finally tried to get her security deposit back.Tiktok; @dubwaah

  • Heather DuBois was matched with a former landlord on Hinge.

  • She asked him to pay for the date with the security deposit he never gave back.

  • It was cathartic, but to her dismay, DuBois said.

When Heather DuBois, 28, matched her former landlord on Hinge, she agreed to go out drinking with him under one condition.

DuBois, who moved to Nashville with her then-boyfriend in 2021, told Insider that the scenery in his profile picture looks familiar. It was her favorite spot on the roof of her former townhouse.

In the message, the man invited DuBois for coffee and shared his Instagram account. Thanks to the account name, DuBois realized that a potential match was a previous landlord. DuBois told Insider he only met him once when he first toured the property. (An insider confirmed that DuBois’ Reese’s name matches the name on his social media account).

Their working relationship did not go well. DuBois told her Insider that she and her ex-boyfriend left the apartment in the same or better condition than the day she moved in. of $1,400 with no specific explanation. At the time, DuBois was about to leave her home because of a breakup with her boyfriend, but she didn’t have the energy to pursue the matter further.

Eight months later, the former landlord was in her Hinge DM and asked her out for a coffee date. Amused by the strange and seemingly karmic gift from the universe, DuBois posted a semi-viral TikTok of his detailing what happened. May 1st.

An avid viewer dubbed the situation the new “Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan” romantic comedy, while others believed he would either agree to a date to sue him or “wouldn’t he be paid enough.” We brainstormed about vigilante justice, including “dates just enough to do.” Same amount as the deposit. ”

Instead, on Hinge, DuBois entered:

Unfortunately, when DuBois opened the app again later, he said he was no match for her.

“Honestly, I’m upset. He was kind of cute. It might have seemed like a really funny story,” she said. May 2 update.

But overall, DuBois is happy with the bizarre turn of events that gave her final words and a great story.

Nearly a year later, she is now in remarkably good standing. She has since gained “hundreds” of followers.

“I mean, I want you to finish by getting your $1,400 back,” DuBois told Insider.

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