A woman who saw a man texting about her looks during a work call called them and posted on TikTok

A TikTok screen grab shows a woman sitting in front of a computer. Above her head is the text that reads,

Whitney Sharp, a 28-year-old recruitment and staffing professional from Boston, was on a Zoom call with a potential client last week when she accidentally shared her screen unintentionally.

The screen shows Microsoft Teams messages between three potential customers, all men, talking about Sharp “in an unfavorable way,” she told BuzzFeed News. Sharpe, who was reluctant to share the content of every message, said in one message that she was called a “fucking bomb.”

When the 15-minute meeting was over, Sharp recorded himself and posted it tick tock.

“First of all, if I’m going to continue working with them, I’d like to work with a female salesperson because I don’t want to see them talking about themselves while sharing their screens in the locker room. ’” Sharp says. TikTok at the end of the meeting.

One of the men she spoke to said it was an “unforgivable mistake” and should not have happened. In a TikTok video posted by Sharp, he can be heard saying, “I apologize for that.”

Since Sharp’s post, TikTok has received nearly 2 million likes. Barbara Corcoran shark tank I commented, “You’re a rock!” Another commented, “Yeah, I haven’t heard the words ‘I AM SORRY’ yet.” Another wrote, “This is great.”

        Whitney Sharp

Whitney Sharp

“I was horrified because I had worked so hard to get to the point in my career,” Sharpe told BuzzFeed News. And I feel like I have to work harder to prove I’m smart because of my looks. They don’t really appreciate what I have to say, they appreciate what I look like.”

Sharp saw the messages at the beginning of the meeting, said she wanted to be sober, and questioned the man if she had seen them. But calling them out “was nerve-wracking,” she said.

“I was just trying to get through it as calmly and professionally as possible,” she said. I didn’t want them to say that.

Sharpe, who has worked in the IT staffing and recruitment industry for eight years, said she faced sexual harassment early in her career. Once, a male customer told her to sit on the sofa next to her, and as she sat he put his hand on her thigh. to,’ said Sharpe.

“And that’s my first memory. It all started and then things like that kept happening,” she said.

A few days after the exchange, the customer’s sales vice president emailed Sharp to tell them the company didn’t have any women “skilled enough” to work with Sharp, he said. Another TikTok she posted. Sharpe told BuzzFeed News that the CEO of a prospective client’s company called him and apologized, but because his lawyer was also on the call, he felt the apology was “cold” and “not sincere.” She said that none of the men on the phone apologized to her.

In a follow-up video posted on TikTok, Sharp said this potential client would never actually become a client. He said he was authorizing the formation of a leadership committee for the

“I can’t work with a vendor. My company won’t support a vendor that doesn’t support women in business,” Sharpe says. tick tock“It’s not going to happen.”

The company “probably shouldn’t be hiring misogynistic thugs to represent the company in the field,” Sharp said. Because it’s the department.

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