A woman whose cat is pointing a gun’s laser sight to chase a man, according to a Wisconsin police officer.


According to Wisconsin police, the woman was accused of shooting and killing one of her friends on Tuesday while using the laser sight of a gun as a toy.

Kenosha police responded to the apartment on Tuesday afternoon seeking reports that the man had been shot dead. According to criminal charges, when they arrived, they found a man shot in his thighs.

Investigators determined that 19-year-old Jashanti Pleasant picked up a gun brought by James Daniels after drinking a few brandies while in the apartment.

“Pleasant turned on the laser sight and turned it to the floor to get the cat to chase,” police wrote in a probable cause affidavit.

When Pleasant was pointing a 9mm gun between the floor and Daniels’ feet, Daniels said to the woman, “Hey, let me get it.” The gun then fired and witnesses told police that they had been in shock for some time before asking if Daniels had just shot Pleasant.

A police officer found Daniels in the next apartment and applied a tourniquet to his upper limbs to stop the bleeding. According to police, he told police that he had removed the magazine from his pistol before the incident happened.

According to Pleasant, Daniels allowed him to “play” with a gun and thought he wasn’t loaded with a gun at the time. However, the officer who recovered the gun found that there was one in the chamber and six in the magazine.

“If the magazine hadn’t been inserted into the gun when Mr. Pleasant fired, there would have been no bullets in the chamber when the gun was later found,” police said. “(The policeman) determined that the bullet passed through Mr. Daniels’ foot, then through the wall into the kitchen, where he hit behind the stove.”

Pleasant called the shooting an accident and she apologized to Daniels. Daniels complained that she had forgiven her. She was charged with injuries due to careless handling of dangerous weapons.

Police said Daniels was detained with nine counts of recklessly endangering his safety while armed and was not allowed to carry weapons.He is now Face additional charges, Kenosha News reported.

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