A Wyoming man has been charged with threatening to kill Congressman Matt Gaetz and other Republican officials.

Matt Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz. Getty

  • A Wyoming man was charged after sending a murder threat to a Republican politician.

  • Prosecutors say Christopher Podolsnick, 51, was particularly threatening to kill Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz.

  • The threat occurred on January 28th. On the same day, Gates led a rally against Wyoming State Capitol Liz Cheney.

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A Wyoming man was charged after calling several Republican lawmakers threatening to kill him in late January. US Department of Justice.

Christopher Podolsnick, 51, was charged with seven charges of sending threats in interstate violence to intimidate parliamentarians.

According to US prosecutors, Podlesnik left voicemail to both Wyoming Senator, State Senator, and Florida Legislature Matt Gaetz, who includes similar threats. Do not put Gaetz in Wyoming.

In a voicemail to Senator John Barrasso, the prosecutor said, “I let Gates set foot in Wyoming,” he said. “Not only will he die, you will die too.”

Each of the seven voicemails accused of leaving Podlesnik occurred on the same day Gates Hosts Rally To Republican Wyoming Liz Cheney, who voted to impeach President Donald Trump for his role in the January 6 Capitol riots.

Prosecutors claim that Podlesnik was much easier to voicemail to Gates.

“I’m not going to [expletive] Why ask you [expletive] I think you should be killed, I’m just going [expletive] According to court filings, Podlesnik said in a voicemail to Gates.

In a DOJ announcement, US deputy lawyer Bob Marley reiterated that the law on freedom of speech does not cover the threat of violence.

“As Americans, we value the freedom secured by the Bill of Rights, including freedom of speech,” Murray said. “But the real threat of violence is not protected by the Constitution. In collaboration with the FBI and other partners, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation will continue to investigate such threats and seek prosecution when appropriate. “

If convicted, each Podlesnik accusation involves imprisonment of up to five years, a fine of up to $ 250,000, and a three-year supervised release. He is currently facing up to 35 years in prison with seven indictments.

The date of the jury trial was not yet scheduled at the time of issuance.

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