ABC apologizes for broadcasting a “false and defamatory” view of Jacinta prices

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) apologizes to Deputy Mayor Alice Springs Jacin Taprice for broadcasting a “false defamation” view of two local radio services during the September 2019 Mindgap Speaking Tour. did.

Price claimed that the Coffs Harbor & District Local Aboriginal Land Council and ABC mistakenly accused her of blaming the Aboriginal people and their culture.

ABC announced a public apology on April 7, and on September 11, 2019, Coffs Harbor and Alice Springs broadcasters broadcast a radio segment about Price’s speaking tour at Coffs Harbor and the local reaction to it. I admitted that I did. The reaction included a media release released by the local Aboriginal Land Council.

“ABC understands that the Land Council has withdrawn the statement contained in its media release and apologized to Ms. Price. This is false and defamatory, causing hurt and distress to Ms. Price and her family. I brought it. ” Apologized said..

“ABC did not support the opinions contained in the media release and apologized to Ms. Price and her family for the injuries and pains caused by broadcasting those views.”

Price, with Aboriginal and Celtic ancestry, was on a speaking tour and was scheduled to visit Coffs Harbor when nine local Aboriginal groups wrote to Price that he was “not entitled to speak” in their community. .. She went on regardless.

Deputy Mayor Alice Springs, who was a councilor at the time, Told Sky News On September 10, 2019, minutes before she was due to speak, a local Aboriginal group watched her speak without reaching out to find out what she had to say. I wanted to stop.

“They have no idea what I’m really talking about at this event,” she said. “But they made assumptions based on the fact that I have spoken against domestic violence and child sexual abuse in the past.”

As other Aboriginal people ask Price to talk about domestic violence, she talks about the problems that the Coffs Harbor Group faces many indigenous Australians, unless there is “probably something to hide.” He said he couldn’t understand why he wanted to stop.

She said the purpose of her talk was “to deepen understanding among all Australians.” It’s about breaking these barriers between us, stopping labeling, and trying to bring a solution to the Australians who have reached their limits. “

In ABC report In his local view of the speech, Price was accused of spreading “racist vitrioles” and “hate speech” to Aboriginal Australians. However, public broadcasters across the country did not contact Price to provide the right of reply, admitting that it was wrong to do so.

Price said the move to cancel the Mind Gap Speaking Tour appearance at Coffs Harbor has “backed up.”

However, Price claimed that the ABC report in Alice Springs conveyed the implication that Price did not attempt to cancel the speech, but rather labeled the local Gambaingil people themselves as “backward.”

In her revised claim statement filed in December, Price claimed that the report was “seriously injured” and suffered from “hurt feelings.”

In an interview with Sky News, Price said: As it stands, in fact, I’m being treated very horribly. “

Price settled a lawsuit with the local Aboriginal Land Council in November and settled with ABC last week.

price Told the australian She was “satisfied” with the settlement, but could not reveal the details.