ABC’s Jonathan Karl recalls “one of the Stranger Things I’ve ever experienced” on Trump.

ABC News’ Jonathan Karl “One of the weirdest things I’ve ever experienced” said it involved the former president Donald Trump I want to plead for attendance White House Correspondents Association Supper..

Karl about the latest episode of The Daily Beast podcastNew Abnormal,Recalled the “quite strange” exchange of the Oval Office with the then president in early March 2020.

Karl was then president of the association and traditionally did not invite Trump to the April 25th annual bash, where journalists and newsmakers gathered.

“I didn’t know if I would invite him,” said Karl, author of “Betrayal: The Final Law of the Trump Show.” Manybombrevelation About the last day of the Trump White House.

“On the other hand, all presidents since Warren G. Harding went to the White House Correspondents’ Supper and were always invited,” Karl said. “Trump was the only person who wasn’t there yet (as president), but on the other hand he declared the press an enemy of the people, and we really wanted to have him for dinner. Is it? “

According to Karl, Trump entered the Oval Office, which was obvious. And I’m not going to do that. “

Trump continued to say, “He is very open to coming and what I say.” welcome. If you decide not to come, we will respect that decision. But I’m not going to like it-I didn’t even ask, “Carl recalled.

Then came an even stranger turn.

Karl turned to Zeke Miller, the Associated Press’s White House correspondent, who was Vice President of the Associated Press Association at the time, and said in a false voice along the way: He is like my son. “Do you love your dad? I don’t know. Of course, he loves his dad.” Kids. “

“That’s exactly what he said,” Karl said. “At first I thought he was comparing me to Don Jr., but no, he was comparing me to Baron.”

He added that it was “quite strange”.

“”Saturday night live” Star Kenan Thompson That year, it was set to host a supper for correspondents with comedians. Hasan Minaji As a featured entertainer.But, so to speak, the event was postponed twice and then cancel Because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Listen to Karl’s comments from the 32:20 points below:

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