Abolishing carbon taxes is the right move for the Tories: MP, critics

The Conservatives’ new opposition to the carbon tax has been celebrated by some candid lawmakers, but this stance is becoming more and more popular with some political observers as it is raised to $ 170 per ton in 2030. I believe it will be.

In last year’s federal election campaign, then Tory leader Erin O’Toole proposed a “low-carbon savings account” for “more eco-friendly living” items such as transit passes and energy-efficient home renovations. did. Tax.

On February 9, interim leader Candice Bergen informed the caucuses that the party would abandon the plan.

Former Conservative lawmaker Kelly Diott said the move had hurt the Tories in gaining support from potential voters, and the proposed carbon pricing scheme was a few other “2021 campaigns.” It’s just one of the bad policies and problems that have disappointed people.

“Our basic vote has flowed into the People’s Party of Canada.” He wrote in a recent editorial.. “I lost the election because I was too timid to stand up and become a conservative.”

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Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen will stand up during the question period at the House of Commons in Ottawa on February 14, 2022. (Canada Press / Adrian Wild)

The party’s tax abolition was good news for Conservatives Arnold Biasen and Peace River Westrock, an hour’s drive north of Edmonton.

“I’m against these plans coming out of Ottawa. I was happy to support the leaders at the time, but I’m against anything that makes life more expensive, especially for the Northern Albertans. “Fiazen said in an interview.

“I was involved in everything that December was the highest natural gas tariff ever received by any of us for myself and everyone else living in northern Alberta. About one-third seems to be carbon tax for everyone .. “

The price of carbon displayed on gasoline and household heating costs is only part of the equation. It pushes up shipping costs, so it pushes up all other costs as well.

“Surveys prior to the introduction of the carbon tax have shown that it has a chain effect on the economy as a whole and promotes inflation, and is one of the tools the government must reduce inflation. The first is to eliminate the carbon tax, “said Viersen.

New Brunswick State Assembly member John Williamson told The Epoch Times in an email that he was against the carbon tax.

“I don’t support carbon taxes. I know many of my colleagues agree. I’m sure this will be an important point in the discussion in a conservative leadership race,” Williamson said. Is writing.

On February 7, Williamson tweeted in support of Pierre Poirievre, who hopes for leadership, writing: Pierre has my full support. “

Last December, Poilievre called on the Government of Tordeau to cancel its planned carbon and payroll tax increases in order to maintain investment capital and promote the development of the oil and gas sector.

Former liberal lawmaker Dan McTig, now the Liberal Party of Canada’s affordable energy president, believes that approach won’t beat generous media coverage, but it could win elections.

“This doesn’t work very well, but especially here in Ontario, people are finally putting one and one together, so you’ll get a lot of votes. It’ll take a while, but it really does when you get smarter.” Said McTeague.

“Public Opinion Shift Court”

High electricity prices have helped beat the Liberal Party in Ontario, and rising carbon taxes have the same potential, McTigg said. The carbon tax will rise from $ 10 to $ 50 per ton on April 1st to $ 170 per ton by 2030. He said the 10 cents per liter fuel tax would rise to $ 1.81 per liter in Vancouver, $ 1.73 per St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, and worse when it rose to 33 cents per liter by 2030. Said. ..

“People are paying attention, and for that reason all conservatives must now pray if they stay in this policy … Conservatives win on this one issue alone. We were able to do that, “says McTeague.

“Public opinion courts are changing rapidly,” he adds.

“Political implications for those who continue on this path of believing that Canada can make a difference by imposing large taxes on Canadians … politically, this is affordable for conservatives. It makes a lot of sense to say that the cause of the price is more important and the trick needs to be revealed. “

In the Canadian Taxpayer Federation, Federal Director Franco Terrazzano agrees that carbon taxes are the most hated.

“It’s always one of the most important issues, and what we’re hearing now is that it’s number one or number two for many of our supporters. [behind] Housing tax “.

“Hamming Canadians with high petrol prices is a big loser so far. We have already paid a lot of taxes on pumps, but those taxes only rise under the Trudeau government’s carbon tax plan. So I think taxpayers naturally expect the official opposition to find the backbone again and fight the carbon tax. “

Jeffrey Hale, a professor of political science at the University of Lethbridge, is the only one who is considering participating in Tory’s leadership race and will support the carbon tax unless MP Michael Chung makes another bid for the job. Will be a candidate for.

“The rebate program has reduced much of the frustration, but not for trucks, jobs that require a lot of driving, or independent companies with limited alternatives,” Hale told The Epoch Times. ..

” [O’Toole] The policy was intended as a “shield” against accusations that the party did not have a meaningful climate change policy. But if you really care about climate change, it’s not enough to encourage you to vote for the Conservatives. “

Malcolm Bird, a political scientist at the University of Winnipeg, says Tory should avoid moving to the center on issues like carbon taxes in order to seduce voters.

“I just don’t want to appease people who don’t vote for you,” he said.

“Traditional thing,” Oh, maybe the Conservatives need to move to the center to appeal to football moms and the suburbs. “-They never vote for you anyway, so care about soothing. please do not [by] Move to the center. “

Lee Harding


Lee Harding is a Saskatchewan-based journalist and think tank researcher and contributor to The Epoch Times.

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