Aboriginal flag to replace New South Wales on the Sydney Harbor Bridge


New South Wales (NSW) Prime Minister Dominique Perotet announced on July 11 that the Aboriginal flag will fly permanently over the Sydney Harbor Bridge, replacing the state-specific flag of iconic structures. Did.

“From today, one of Australia’s most famous landmarks will congratulate the indigenous peoples and remind us of the rich history of our country every day,” Perotet said in a statement.

“Respecting this commitment is part of our ongoing commitment to recognizing the history, culture, excellence and achievements of the Aboriginal people.”

Aboriginal Minister Ben Franklin said this would save taxpayers A $ 25 million to install additional flagpoles for the Aboriginal flag and instead redistribute money to initiatives for indigenous peoples.

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The Aboriginal flag can be seen on January 26, 2022, alongside the Australian flag at the top of the Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia. (Lisa Maree Williams / Getty Images)

“This is the New South Wales Government’s commitment to improving the performance of Aboriginal people across New South Wales, following a $ 716 million investment in this year’s budget to prioritize initiatives to close the gap. It’s based on our commitment, “Franklin said.

“I’m proud to be a member of the government that permanently raises the Aboriginal flag on the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Further investment to bring real results to the Aboriginal people throughout New South Wales. I’m glad that is done. “

The downgrade of the “strange” politician of the New South Wales flag says

But not everyone is happy with this decision, and NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham states that the Perotet move to recognize Aboriginal people has sacrificed his own state.

“It seems strange that a political leader who is supposed to serve in honor of the New South Wales flag kicked off the Harbor Bridge and replaced it with the Aboriginal flag,” he wrote. Facebook post on monday.

Latham said other problems facing indigenous peoples need attention.

“There is a town in western New South Wales where police assume that all Aboriginal children over the age of five are sexually abused,” Latham said.

“The fear of the’Stolen Generations’ claim is preyed on by a drunken uncle, leaving them trapped in a dangerous home.”

“Under the intentional policy of the government, the fact that Prime Minister Perotet’s top priority is cloth on the bridge is an insult to these children and the human tragedy they are suffering in our state. . “

Meanwhile, the flags of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders remained in the center.

The New South Wales flag will be downgraded to a redeveloped district in the city’s business district of McColly Street.

Metropolitan Road Minister Natalie Ward said the New South Wales flag needs to be replaced in order to recognize the Aboriginal people as soon as possible.

“As outlined above, the process of installing a third flagpole on one of Australia’s busiest traffic corridors has always been difficult,” Ward said.

“The redevelopment of the McColly Street East District will be expanded to include the prominent New South Wales flag, recognizing the important and rich history of McCawley Street for the New South Wales heritage.”

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