About 30 migrants were rescued and one died as a dinghy capsized in a waterway

About 30 migrants who capsized in the English Channel while trying to reach Britain were rescued on Friday, killing a man on board, according to French officials.

A Coast Guard ship arrived at Dinghy at midnight, departing from a beach near Calais in northern France, and was able to rescue most of the people on board.

However, according to local Deputy Prime Minister Frederick Sampson, a young man from Sudan, one of the immigrants, died in the water. The man died of hypothermia in the open ocean at temperatures between -1 and -3 degrees Celsius (30 to 26.5 degrees Fahrenheit).

After being returned to the shore by rescue teams, the survivors (some wearing flip-flops and carrying their belongings in plastic trash bags) boarded a large white coach and were sent to temporary housing in the area. .. They were adjacent to the police.

Immigrants are escorted to Dover Harbor
Immigrants were rescued while crossing the English Channel on January 14, 2022, and then escorted to Dover Port by border force personnel. (Hanna McKay / Reuters)

The route is one of the busiest routes in the world and the tides are strong. Traffickers usually overload dinghys, barely float, and are at the mercy of the waves as they try to reach the British coast.

In November, 27 migrants died in the worst disaster ever involving migrants on narrow sea routes, creating a rift between responsible London and Paris.

The number of overthrowers in the Calais region more than tripled last year, according to the French Immigration and Integration Agency, which said French authorities rescued 1,002 people in 2021.

Earlier this month, British media reported that more than 28,000 migrants arrived in the UK by crossing the English Channel in small boats, according to Home Office statistics.