“Absolutely possible” Belarus helped illegal immigrants cross the border, says Lucashenka

Belarusian leader Alexander Rybak Schenka reportedly said on Friday that troops on the Polish-Belarus border may have helped illegal immigrants to the European Union (EU).

so Exclusive interview with BBCAuthoritarian leaders said the Belarusian army knew that illegal immigrants were about to reach Germany, adding that “someone might have helped them,” but the country causes a border crisis. Denied that they were invited.

Thousands of illegal immigrants, mainly from Iraq and Afghanistan, have gathered on the Polish-Belarus border in hopes of traveling to the EU.

The EU and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have accused Minsk of launching a “hybrid attack” by sending illegal immigrants to Belarus and luring them to the border with the false promise that they would easily enter as a way to put pressure on 27-. Did. Member block as an act of revenge on sanctions against crackdowns on Belarus’ protests in 2020 against the disputed reelection of Lucashenka.

Minsk repeatedly denied the accusations, and Lukaschenka said in an interview on Friday that Belarusian authorities had not invited thousands of people to the country.

“I told them [the EU] I detain immigrants at the border, I’m not going to detain them at the border, and if they continue to come, they won’t come to my country, so they’ll go to you, so I’m still holding them I won’t stop, “said Lucashenka.

“But I didn’t invite them here, and to be honest, I don’t want them to go through Belarus,” the leader insisted.

According to Belarus, in a telephone conversation with German deputy Prime Minister Angela Merkel on Monday, Lucashenka agreed that Belarus would negotiate a solution to the border crisis with the EU. News agency Bertha..

Epoch Times Photo
German Chancellor Angela Merkel will attend an interview with Reuters on November 11, 2021 at the Chancellor’s Office in Berlin, Germany. (Hannibal Hanshke / Reuters)

“The President of Belarus and the acting Prime Minister of Germany have agreed that the issue will be addressed at the Belarusian and EU levels, and both sides will nominate personnel to immediately enter into negotiations to resolve the existing issue. Refugee aspirations will be treated in the same context, “said a Belarusian leader’s press.

According to Polish authorities, the number of illegal immigrants trying to cross the border to enter the EU is increasing.

A recent clash allegedly caused by Belarusian troops has left at least 12 injured, including seven police officers, and Belarusian people have been illegally trying to cross the border on Thursday by the Polish Defense Ministry. The military said earlier this year to prevent a surge in immigrants.

Video footage released by Polish authorities showed illegal immigrants trying to break through the barrier with a stick. They also threw bottles and logs over the border fence.

The Daily Telegraph reportedly agreed on Thursday to deploy 100 additional soldiers on the border with Poland’s Belarus to assist in tackling the crisis. Details of the deployment are still under consideration.

On Thursday, Polish Defense Minister Marush Bwashchak also thanked British Defense Minister Ben Wallace for visiting the British troops trained in Poland.

Ella Kietlinska contributed to this report.

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