Abu Dhabi issues non-Islamic divorce and inheritance legislation

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (AP) —The capital of the United Arab Emirates has issued new rules governing divorce, inheritance and custody of non-Muslims in Abu Dhabi, the state news agency reported.

Abu Dhabi has created a new court to handle these cases, held in both Arabic and English to better understand the vast emirate foreign workers, according to a WAM press report on Sunday. Will be done.

WAM reports that changes in child custody will allow parents to share joint custody of their children. The law also introduces the idea of ​​civil marriage and allows one to make a will that allows a person to choose and deal with the father’s problem to inherit.

Abu Dhabi is one of the seven emirates that make up the UAE, and the new law only affects this emirate. The oil-rich emirate is the capital of the country, but Abu Dhabi’s population is smaller than that of neighboring Dubai.

The new law comes after the authorities said last year They will review the country’s Islamic individual lawIt allows unmarried couples to live together, relaxes alcohol restrictions, and criminalizes so-called “honor killings.”Abu Dhabi too The liquor sales license system will end in September 2020..The entire UAE for September of this year is still announced Another plan to stimulate its economy and liberalize strict rules of residence for foreigners.

Traditional Islamic values ​​remain strong in the Commonwealth. Approximately one million Emirates in the United Arab Emirates are genetically governed nations that have long been criticized for suppressing opposition and are closely linked to government policy. Political parties and trade unions are still illegal.