Abuse by the son of Herschel Walker, the father of an absent baby, becomes a virus in a nasty moment


Wild rant by Herschel WalkerJust as the Republican Senator’s father is trying to explain how many other children the public didn’t know about, his son about the father of an absent baby is being talked about on Twitter. ..

Christian Walker, 22, is angry and preaching to the baby’s dad to “control you” in a TikTok video, but his dad is with two other sons and another mother. I admit that I have a daughter with me.

Heisman Trophy, former NFL star, and Donald Trump’s backer in a campaign against Raphael Warnock (Democratic Party), Walker has publicly spoken to children raised in a fatherless family. .. Big, big problem. “

“Go home and raise your kids!” Angry Christian Walker said earlier this week in one of the video messages targeting Nick Cannon, the host of “Wild and Out.” “And take care of the woman you are knocking up! Can you control your stuff for 3 seconds?”

He had a similar eruption on the same topic a few weeks ago.

“Dad, it would be great to stay home and raise kids instead of running away to bang a lot of women who aren’t baby moms. Stay home and raise your whimsical kids!” He said. .. “Your child needs a father! Go home!”

On Wednesday, the Herschel Walker campaign The Daily Beast he has a 10 year old son With a woman he is estranged from.

He made a child a fatherA few years ago when he wasn’t married“Campaign manager Scott Paradise said in a statement to the HuffPost.”

Beast reported that the mother of an unspecified child sued Walker after childbirth to secure her father’s declaration and child support from Walker, who had limited contact with his youngest child.

He said on Thursday after his campaign confirmed his 10-year-old son, Walker, 60. I also have a 13 year old son and an adult daughterBorn when Walker was about 20 years old After being reported in The Daily Beast..

“I have four children. I have three sons and one daughter. They are not” private “—they are my children. I support them all and love them all, “Walker said in a statement to the HuffPost.

Walker told the HuffPost that he “chosen not to use them as props to win political campaigns,” but Christian Walker appeared at the event with his father.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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