Accenture claims “no impact” on apparent ransomware attacks


Boston — Cybercriminals apparently violated Accenture in a ransomware attack, but global consulting giants say the incident was quickly contained and did not affect the system or its systems.

The LockBit ransomware gang announced an attack on a dark web leak site on Tuesday night and set a payment deadline on Thursday night.

Accenture said in a statement Wednesday that it “identified irregular activity in one of our environments” and “immediately contained the problem and quarantined the affected servers.”

It is not specified when the incident occurred. Or, it is not allowed to be ransomware. However, the description of the response was consistent with the ransomware.

“We have completely restored the affected system from backup,” he said. There was no impact on Accenture’s operations or client systems. “

The Dublin-based company didn’t say how many servers were affected, whether data was stolen, and if so, the amount and type.

Cyber, an Atlanta-based cybersecurity intelligence company, shared the Associated Press chat image from Lockbit’s official communications channel. Among them, criminals claim to have stolen more than 6 terabytes of “secret” data from Accenture, claiming $ 50 million for it.

Accenture did not comment on what data the criminals stole.

LockBit is a Russian-speaking ransomware syndicate that is not intended for former Soviet countries. According to cyber security company Emsisoft, this is one of the most efficient variants of ransomware. It has been active since September 2019 and is attacking thousands of organizations.

Among its known victims is the Indian Pretrust. India’s largest news agency, a hit in October 2020, has been dysfunctional for hours but survived the attack without paying a ransom.

Associated Press