“Accept the fact that you lost and move on”

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Lafence Purger.
Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger said both Democrats and Republicans have blamed distrust of the elections. MSNBC
  • Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger said he needed to admit that both Republicans and Democrats “lose when they lose.”

  • Georgia officials have compared Republican efforts to overturn the 2020 elections with Democratic voter oppression complaints.

  • La Fence Purger became his target after rejecting former President Donald Trump’s request “Find” 11,780 votes To overturn the 2020 presidential election

Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Lafenceparger has sent a “go ahead” message to both Republicans and Democrats who are dissatisfied with the defeat of the election.

Talk to Sunday MSNBC’s Jonathan Cape HeartLafence Purger said both Republicans and Democrats could be accused of distrust of the election.

“We have a safe and secure election. It doesn’t help either party. I think both parties need to look at what they say and understand that if you lose, you lose. “Lafence Purger told Cape Heart.

Lafence Purger said Stacey Abrams, who ran for Georgia Governor in 2018 but was defeated, “set up President Trump’s table” to make similar fraudulent election claims. At the time, Abrams said he would have won the election without the oppression of voters in Georgia.

Brian Kemp’s opponent of Abrams, who became governor and then Secretary of State, was a race candidate and person who oversaw the election process. The New York Times reported In 2018, Kemp said, “We oversaw the removal of the electoral list and helped tighten the registration rules.”

Abrams has ended the campaign Officially refused to give up the race, Claimed that voter oppression prevented her victory.

“When we actually saw what Stacey Abrams did, she lost Georgia with 55,000 votes in 2018. She questioned the legitimacy of our election. Then she actually I set up a table with all the Democratic leaders who supported Stacey Abrams. Just set up her big lie, and President Trump’s table, and take it up to the next level. ” Saturday’s interview with MSNBC’s Ali Velshi..

“Vote repression and fraudulent voting, which are both sides of the coin and different aspects, but the allegations of stolen elections undermine people’s confidence in the election,” Lafensperger continued, in that election. He said there was no oppression of the voters.

On Sunday, Cape Hart pushed back the story of La Fence Purger, which MSNBC blogger said. “Attack on Stacey Abrams sticks to Trump.”

“Isn’t it dangerous and dishonest to equate suspicion of legitimate voter oppression with false allegations of fraudulent voting? And to convince voters that our elections are safe and secure. Couldn’t you do more to? “Cape Hart asked.

“The Georgia elections are safe and secure. When Hillary Clinton and everyone else support Stacey Abrams, I think it’s really dishonest when they don’t really agree with the role played by the Left. Not for oppression. ” “Then, President Trump turned inside out and talked about fraudulent voting, neither of which was substantiated by the facts.”

Following him, multiple investigations were held against the former president Attempts to put pressure on elected officials Change the 2020 election results.Calling the now infamous La Fence Purger, Trump tells Georgia officials “Find” 11,780 votes To overturn the election.

“Accept the facts you lost and move on. If you want to run again, by all means,” Lafence Purger said. “But accept the results.”

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