According to a family lawyer, 22-year-old Gabby Petit’s missing fiancé, Brian Laundry, is also missing.


  • According to media reports, Gabby Petit’s fiancée, Brian Laundry, is also missing.

  • A laundromat lawyer told local media that the whereabouts of his client, who was interested in Petit’s missing person case, were unknown.

  • Early on Friday, law enforcement agencies entered Laundry’s house to talk to his family.

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According to a laundromat lawyer, 22-year-old Gabby Petite has gone missing and his fiancé Brian Laundry has also gone missing.

The lawyer said local Reporter The FBI is trying to find Brian Laundry, who is interested in Petit’s case.

“Please note that the location of Brian Laundry is currently unknown,” the lawyer told local media.

News coming in a few hours Law enforcement has entered Laundry’s parents’ home To talk to his family after they invited the authorities to the dwelling.

According to Laundry lawyers, the FBI removed items from his parents’ home on Friday to assist in his search.

The Petito lawyer did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment, and the Laundrie lawyer’s mailbox was full.

Todd Garrison, director of the North Port police department in Florida’s investigation department, said the police conversation at Laundry’s house was completed Friday night.

“We will make a statement as soon as we know the details,” Garrison said. Tweet.. “Please calm down! Let’s get this done. Information will be available soon.”

Gabby Petito was reported missing by her mother on September 11 after Gabby had not contacted her since late August.

Petit Had disappeared Between Cross-country road trip with laundry, Those who nevertheless do not cooperate with the authorities Petito’s family plea To his parents.

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