According to a Louisiana police officer, the principal was accused of groping for the student’s parents during the meeting.

According to officials, the Louisiana principal was arrested for sexual assault on suspicion of groping for a student’s parents during a private meeting on the school campus.

Hahnville High School Principal Brian Lumar crouched According to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office, he called police on Monday after learning that he had an arrest warrant. He was later released after throwing public debt.

Authorities said the incident occurred on March 31, after parents arranged a meeting with Lumar to discuss issues related to their children. Parents were waiting in the reception area, but Luma asked to meet at a private office on campus where the sexual assault was alleged, the agency said in a news release.

The parents left shortly thereafter and contacted the police on April 26. Warrant issued For the arrest of Lumar after an investigator confirmed the explanation of the victim’s case.

Lumar denied the claim and called them “It’s completely wrong.”

“And I’ll show it through the court system,” he told supporters of New Orleans.

The Parish Public School of St. Charles confirmed the arrest of an employee in the district, but did not say anyone.

“Today we were informed that an HHS employee under investigation was arrested off campus,” the district told McClatchy News in a statement. “This claim does not include any illegal activity with students or employees. This is a personnel issue and no further information will be provided.”

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