According to a Michigan police officer, the dad burned his whole body after his daughter threw chemicals at him.

An 18-year-old boy was arrested last week for losing consciousness by throwing chemicals at his father, according to Michigan police.

Unidentified father suffered Chemical burns on his “head, torso, limbs” Police said after the incident at Groveland Township on Friday.

According to police, her daughter, Megan Imirowitz, has been accused of being burned when she threw lye powder and water at her father.

She left home, and her neighbor found her dad unconscious alone, police said. When they learned about the incident, soldiers were sent to a nearby hospital for victims of chemical burns.

Police did not state the reason behind the alleged behavior of her daughter.

Imirowitz was charged Police said on Tuesday that it included one case of assault and domestic violence intended to cause serious physical harm. She was imprisoned for $ 75,000 in public debt after the prosecution.

When water is added to the lye, May react violently According to, it causes skin burns, eye damage and lung damage. Lye powder is commonly used in household cleaning products.

A man was charged after soaking a woman in nail polish remover and igniting it, according to a North Carolina police officer.

According to California police, the man has soaked his neighbor in acid after a quarrel.

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