According to a Michigan school, workers cut their hair after a seven-year-old student asked. “unacceptable”

The Michigan school district replied after the father said an employee had cut the hair of his seven-year-old daughter without permission.

Last month, Journey Hoffmeier returned home from Ganiard Elementary School in Mount Pleasant. It looked different than when she left. The hair on one side of the head. It was cut off, The Associated Press reported.

According to the outlet, Journey explained to his father Jimmy Hoffmeier that another student had his hair cut while he was on the bus.

Hoffmeier took the interracial journey to the salon and the stylist tried to modify the cut to an asymmetrical style, but the next day the journey also cut the other side and returned home from school, AP reported.

A photo posted on Facebook shows that the once long, curly hair of a journey has been cut off near the head.

“She was crying,” Hoffmeier told AP. “She was afraid to have trouble cutting her hair.”

According to the outlet, Journey told her dad that the school staff had a haircut.

Hoffmeier first said he I couldn’t get the school And after no one answered, he eventually contacted the police, USA Today reported. A Mount Pleasant police officer spoke with Hoffmeier, but confirmed in the newspaper that he had not reported to the police.

According to the outlet, he eventually spoke to the school assistant and advised that the principal would not be able to talk to him until the end of the spring break. Hoffmeier was contacted by the principal on April 5, explaining that the case was mentioned in an employee’s report, but the principal had no other authority to do anything else.

About 45 minutes later, USA Today reported that Hoffmeier received a call from Mount Pleasant Public School director Jennifer Barlegger, who offered to mail an apology to Journey.

On Tuesday, Verleger sent a letter — since then Post online — To parents explaining that the district plans to “perform a full review” of the case.

Werlegger said the girl had asked another student to cut her hair, adding that the student removed the scissors from the classroom and cut her hair on the bus. The principal met both students after the fact.

Werlegger went on to say that the girl was dissatisfied with how her hair looked and asked a school library employee to fix it.

“Rather than rejecting this request or consulting with the student’s parents or school administrator, the library employee, who is also a hairdresser, agrees to even out the student’s hair and make him feel better. “I did,” Verleger said in a letter. “She brought in professional scissors and a special hair clip. According to our preliminary review, student teachers also knew that library employees were planning to cut their hair. It was. “

According to early sources, the girl’s teacher also knew plans for library employees to cut the girl’s hair, according to Werlegger.

“Despite their good intentions, these behaviors are unacceptable, indicating the lack of judgment of the two employees,” she said. “Both employees acknowledged and apologized for their actions. Both are considering further disciplinary action in accordance with school policies and procedures. They personally apologized to their families on behalf of the school district.”

According to Michigan Live, Hoffmyer said both his classmates and employees who had their hair cut on the journey were white. Hoffmeier is black and white and Journey’s mother is white.

Hoffmeier contacted the National Parents Union earlier this month.

The NPU itself “Very effective parent organization network And grassroots activists across the country united behind a set of common goals and principles to guide parental power. “

Christina Laster, NPU’s director of policy and legislation, issued a statement in response to the school’s letter, and the organization Standing behind the Hoffmeier family..

Raster said the journey loved her hair and didn’t ask for a haircut from school, adding that “blaming” the girl wasn’t “the best way to provide regret and accountability.”

“The Hoffmeier family is relentlessly pursuing whatever is in civil, criminal, or federal rights and legal abilities,” she said.

The group also urges the Biden administration to support the legislation of the Crown Act at the federal level.

The CROWN Act — Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair — aims to ban hair discrimination and includes several such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, and Live. Adopted in the state. report.

According to USA Today, Hoffmeier said he had transferred the journey to Baures Elementary School, which he attended last year before the reorganization.

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