According to a North Carolina police officer, a police officer’s gun was fired during his arrest and attacked the suspect.He is on vacation now

According to police, North Carolina police officers are on leave while waiting for an investigation after a gun fires and hits a 30-year-old driver suspected of having drugs.

The incident occurred about an hour east of Raleigh, near Talboro’s Edgecomb Community College, around 9:45 am on Sunday.

Talboro Police Station and Edgecom County Sheriff’s Office Implement a traffic stop in the area Talboro police said in a news release when police smelled marijuana and alcohol coming from a car driven by Christopher Tarpon Harris. Harris took off with a police officer before the police said he had hit another car and tried to walk.

Police said Tarboro had caught up with him “at a close distance.”

“During this time, a policeman’s gun was fired, causing life-threatening injuries to the driver,” police said.

Police did not identify the police officer involved.

Harris was taken to Vidant Hospital for treatment and released. He was charged with speeding up to escape arrest, possession with the intention of selling or delivering cocaine, resisting, delaying, or interfering with civil servants, and inadvertent and reckless driving.

Harris was released on a $ 10,000 unsecured bond.

Talboro police said the North Carolina Department of Investigation is investigating the case in accordance with the Protocol. Police officers are on vacation while waiting for SBI investigations and internal investigations.

This is a shooting involving at least a third officer in North Carolina on a holiday weekend.

Deputy Sheriff of Sampson County Shot dead 49-year-old Craig Locklear The News & Observer reported on Sunday. The sheriff’s office said Locklear jumped off the truck bed and pointed the revolver at the adjutant before the shooting.

On Friday, Deputy Sheriff in Wilkes County shot and killed 37-year-old Thomas Charlie Billings. Wanted a murder in another county, Wilkes Journal-Patriots reported.

According to the newspaper, Billings was also accused of pointing his gun at a lawmaker who was later determined to be a pellet rifle.

Deputy U.S. Marshals Service who shot and killed Frankie Jennings will not be prosecuted, Mech DA says

According to sheriffs, lawmakers accidentally fired during training at a shooting range in North Carolina.

Police exercising force are tracked in a private database under the budget of the North Carolina Senate

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