According to a Tennessee family, high school soccer players die a few days after the COVID diagnosis.


The Tennessee community is in mourning after a 16-year-old student died of COVID-19 complications over the weekend, reports several outlets.

Tatam in the Azores is remembered as an “outgoing” young man who attended Westwood High School in Memphis, loved football and enjoyed making people laugh.

“He is very expressive, Only lucky boy“The Azores mother, Quintina Buckner, told the commercial appeal. “He loves his mother. He loved his family. He loved his friends. He was a soccer player, so they really loved him in the team.”

On August 13, Buckner said he had received a call from his son at school. He suddenly got sick, WHBQ reported. The Azores, passing by “Zo” for short, told her that she was having difficulty breathing and was weak and almost unbearable.

Paramedics rushed their teens to the Baptist Children’s Hospital. Diagnosed as COVID-19, His mother told WREG. According to Buckner, the Azores were treated and released after a short hospital stay, but his condition only worsened from there.

Zo became more and more ill and was taken to Le Bonheuer Children’s Hospital, where he died on Saturday, just days after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

According to the newspaper, Buckner said his son had asthma and received the first dose of the two-shot coronavirus vaccine series. She said WREG Zo was healthy before returning to class on August 9, and believes she may have been infected with the virus at school.

“He wasn’t wheezing or coughing. He was just lucky,” Buckner told the news station. “He went to school for three days and got sick. I can’t believe it.”

McClatchy News has contacted Westwood High School on Tuesday and is waiting for a response.

High school is part of the Shelby County School District I need a face mask Despite an executive order from Tennessee Governor Bill Lee, parents are for all employees, students and visitors Opt out of school mask obligations.

The district confirmed the death of a Westwood High School student, but did not disclose his name due to privacy concerns.

“Grief counselors support school students and staff,” the district said, according to a statement obtained by WHBQ. “During this time, I would like to express my heartfelt condolences with my family.”

Le Bonheur confirmed that the child had died of the coronavirus over the weekend, the Commercial Appeal reported, recording the third childhood death reported by the hospital last month.

“I was just sad,” Buckner told WHBQ that he had lost his son. “I still have a pain.”

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