According to an internal report, Facebook was unable to prevent the far-right group from planning a siege of the US Capitol.

US Capitol

Riot of the US Capitol. Michael Nigro: Pacific Press / Light Rocket / Getty

  • Facebook couldn’t prevent the far-right group from planning to attack the Capitol, internal reports said.

  • It was shown that riot plans continued even after the “stop stealing” group was banned.

  • “At that time, Hindsight was 20/20,” the report said, adding that “next time it will work better.”

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According to an internal report, Facebook was unable to prevent the far-right group from planning a US Capitol riot on its platform.

In January Parent Donald Trump’s militants break into House and Senate rooms To confuse the confirmation of Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 presidential election.Riot Death of 5 people And dozens of arrests.

Ann Internal report seen by BuzzFeed News Many groups gathered on Facebook have shown that they continue to plan riots even after the far-right “Stop the Steal” group has been banned.

Stop the Steal has become the most popular Facebook group, 365,000 members within 2 days Before removing it because the social media site made a “call for concern about violence”.

According to a report shared with Facebook employees in March, Facebook users from the Stop the Steal group and other Pro Trump groups contributed to the attack on the Capitol.

According to the report, Facebook’s attempts to uncover fake accounts and “illegal behavior” prevented the company from taking action against real people on the platform who were directly involved in the riot plan. It was.

“At that time, Hindsight was 20/20,” the report said, according to Buzzfeed. “It was very difficult to know if we were looking at a collaborative effort to outlaw elections, or if we were afraid and confused and free expression by empathetic users. . “

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Facebook could only delete groups and pages if the violation threshold was crossed. According to the report, the company was considering each case individually.

“After the Parliamentary Rebellion and the Parliamentary Storm Wave, we noticed that individual outlawing groups, pages and slogans make up a cohesive movement,” the report said. I will.

Election outlaws are a “new territory,” according to a Facebook report, and “there was little policy or knowledge until the night of the election.”

“We learned a lot from these cases,” the report added. “We are building tools and protocols and discussing policies that will help us achieve better results next time.”

A Facebook spokesperson told insiders in a statement that the company sought to reduce fraudulent election charges as follows: Suspend your Trump account, Remove the Stop the Steal group and label the candidate’s post with ballot counting information.

“As I mentioned earlier, we know that during this period we saw problematic content on the platform and couldn’t figure it all out,” a spokeswoman said. They added that this report was not a “conclusive post-event report.”

A week after the riot, Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg said: The event was not mainly held on the platform However, he admitted that the company’s moderation was “never perfect.”

March, CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies In front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, about the role of technology that the site plays in the spread of false information and extremism online.

Prior to January 6, the company worked with law enforcement agencies to identify and address threats and remove violent posts about attacks, Zuckerberg said.

“We didn’t catch everything, but we made it unacceptable to potentially harmful people,” he added.

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